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Tema: Batch Analysize BPM Stalls on Macbook Pro

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I run VDJ 8 on two computers: One is Windows 10 (using VDJ 8.0.0 pc build 2441.1060) and the other is a Macbook Pro Yosemite 10.10.4 (using VDJ 8.0.0 mac build 2441.1060). I only have this issue on my MacBook. I found one other user who described my issue in a response to an unrelated thread, so I will quote his post.

USER: mmwmm on Thread "track analysis bug"
"I have VDJ8 installed on my iMac & Macbook pro. Recently i noticed that on the iMac when i run the BPM analyses feature on an album of say ten songs. VDJ8 analyses about four songs and then stalls. So i have to shut down VDJ8 re-open and the do it again and it does another couple of songs & stalls gain. So i have to keep shutting down and re-opening, it unless i drag the song into the decks and let them play until it pick up the BPM, Key, etc...

On the Macbook Pro i noticed that it analyses three songs at a time rather than the one song it analyses on the iMac.

I have uninstalled the software on the iMac and re-installed it and have the same problem. [All the machines are running on the latest update released yesterday]

Your assistance on the matter would be appreciated."

While this users issue only happens on his iMac and not his MacPro, my issue only happens on my MacPro and not on my Windows machine. As this user describes, my Windows 10 machine only analyses one song at a time yet it works perfectly fine. On my MacPro, VDJ 8 analyzes 3 songs at a time (typically it stalls one of the analysis' first, followed shortly by stalling another analysis, than shortly the third analysis gets stalled). The analysis will stall at random songs and I'm analyzing the same set of songs on my Windows machine, so it definitely has nothing to do with corrupt song data. VDJ8 does not crash, so there is no crash report, but once the analysis stalls I am unable to run a new analysis without first restarting the application.

I also notice that Batch Analysis of BPM's takes up minimal system resources on my Windows machine, however, my memory hovers around 92% consumption on the MacPro until the analysis begins to get stalled (both machines have identical memory). I primarily use my Mac for DJing so for me this issue is severely limiting my ability to use the software.

Mensajes Tue 15 Sep 15 @ 8:49 am
+1 I experience this issue as well after tying to re-analyze my collection. Gradual each of the three scanning threads stalls to 0%

Mensajes Sat 03 Oct 15 @ 5:02 pm
RaguTomPRO InfinityMember since 2011
+1 This issue exists on Windows 7 too. I experienced it last night on my DJ laptop. My windows 7 desktop seems to be doing ok though.
Also along with what you found, my system resource usage on the laptop has skyrocketed. It stays near maxed while analyzing (definitely when stalled), and just into the yellow while playing. It "lagged" doing a hotcue jump because of this. Desktop meter barely gets to the first green line ever :-)

Mensajes Sat 03 Oct 15 @ 8:35 pm
FYI - looks like the latest beta build fixes the issue (knocking on wood!!) :) :)

Mensajes Tue 06 Oct 15 @ 1:19 am
djmeecoPRO InfinityMember since 2010
how do you do the batch analyze bpm on virtual dj 8 on macOS

Mensajes Thu 10 Oct 19 @ 9:22 am

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