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Tema: help with my VDJ 8 and my pionner

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hei fellaz Dj.

i have a big problem that i haven't solved yet for a long time.. i downloaded VDJ 8 for a while ago but didn't realise that i can't add my samples and effects .. the most annoying part is that i can't even record my mixes. record function doesn't work.. can anyone help me please??? do i have to call or talk to the virtual Dj company since i pay monthly VDJ PRO limited?? what's your advice???

what can i do for setting up my Cdj-800 Mk2 because the CD that are put on the website don't play in my turntables at all.. any video that can help or any advicer from u, i will be so thankful..

best regards, Dj Mara

Mensajes Sun 20 Sep 15 @ 5:19 pm

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