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Tema: Controller HD by DennYo - Page: 6
PLEASE make in the version HD the option of the wave 25/50 possible. Better yet, make the wave exactly as it was on the previous version . Thanks

Mensajes Tue 02 Apr 19 @ 6:01 pm
jeffreyArnold wrote :
missing menu drop downs, Visuals slideshow etc in master FX on skin by HD DennYo 2 decks skin only
the transitions and effects drop down boxes are not showing in the 2 deck skin in video option
they do appear in the 4 deck option, i only use the 2 deck this for me is the best skin by far great work
sorry couldn't insert screen grab
Thanks Jefj

Hi jeffreyArnold
This dropdown menu only appear if you use the variation big (probably due to space for the section)

Once you've selected the variation big, you will then see your missing menu

Mensajes Sun 14 Apr 19 @ 7:52 pm
I cannot seem to find the slideshow button on this skin >???

Mensajes Sat 20 Apr 19 @ 4:10 am
Is there a way to either change the color of the 4th beat markers in the wave?

Or perhaps someone can guide me in a way to number each bar ?

Mensajes Sat 22 Jun 19 @ 6:25 am
Hey Denny, thanks for the skins first, but I have a question. In the preview you have the skins White in the top white in black and when I select the skin, the decks are black with a black font how can I change that?

Mensajes Tue 27 Aug 19 @ 7:54 am
As it says on the download page: "You can find a Manual in the Skin.ZIP and on my Blog".

Mensajes Tue 27 Aug 19 @ 8:39 am
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