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Tema: Display advertising when playing audio only
SledderPRO InfinityMember since 2015
I have running VJ 8 on my Mac mini. I have a numark mix track 3 Pro controller, which I have just bought. I play video, karaoke and audio. My question is, I have a still shot of my advertising which I have saved on my computer. Is it possible so that when I am just playing audio, the tv screen can default to show my advertising? If so, is it also possible to do the same with a saved slideshow. Many Thanks in advance

Mensajes Fri 21 Apr 17 @ 5:23 pm
I think the setting you require is called VideoAudioOnlyVisualisation.

Mensajes Fri 21 Apr 17 @ 5:56 pm
SledderPRO InfinityMember since 2015
Thanks will have a try

Mensajes Sun 23 Apr 17 @ 5:49 pm
Hi, you can add a folder with your advertise files, and videos too., then you can activate the slideshow visualization whit the audioonlyvisualization in the options.
Good luck


Mensajes Mon 24 Apr 17 @ 4:22 am
Just something that might be useful, you can use this script on a keyboard key or controller button to turn the visualisation on and off. Adion gave me this.

effect_select 'audioonlyvisualisation' 'SlideShow' ? on & effect_select 'audioonlyvisualisation' 'None' : effect_select 'audioonlyvisualisation' 'SlideShow'

Mensajes Mon 24 Apr 17 @ 7:50 am
You can also use the Telemedia and Televisual plugins. One is in the Visualisations, and the other is in Video Effects.

Mensajes Mon 24 Apr 17 @ 8:51 pm