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Tema: Vdj 7 vs vdj8 effects
I miss some of the effects from vdj7 like flanged loop out and delay with the latest updates from vdj8 those effects do not work on vdj8 not even renamed is there any solution to the delay effect echo is not the same as delay so i really need delay effect please help thank you

Mensajes Mon 19 Jun 17 @ 6:49 am
The old v7 effects are made with another SDK than the ones for v8, so only a few of them work, and some may even cause problems in v8

But V8 has become really good at supporting 32-bit external .vst effects, so you can basically get all the effects you want

Like this one for delay.
I just tested it and it works fine, and has lots of settings.
It even supports the post fader effect option in VDJ, so if that is enabled, it will continue to "delay fade out" after you stop the track
Simply download, open zip file, and copy the 32-bit .dll file to \Documents\VirtualDJ\Plugins\SoundEffect
Then restart VDJ and it should be in the effects dropdown

In use (I turned down left and right and only used the center effect)

That's just one .vst. There are many more, so it should be possible to get one you like.

Here are 4 more free .vst delay effects, besides the one I tested:

Mensajes Mon 19 Jun 17 @ 7:04 am

Mensajes Mon 19 Jun 17 @ 7:16 am
Thank you I will download it

Mensajes Tue 20 Jun 17 @ 5:34 am