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Tema: Loop Out effect for VDJ8 for Mac not working
I downloaded the Mac version of the Loop Out effect for VDJ8 and installed it on my Macbook. It said "Installation successful!" However, when I look under the list of effects in VDJ8, the Loop Out effect is not there. The Loop Out Bundle did install in the Plugins64 folder like it should though.

Does this effect not work on Macs? Any ideas?

Mensajes 4 days ago @ 3:29 am
Can anyone confirm this effect works on a Mac computer running VDJ8? HELP PLEASE!

Mensajes 4 days ago @ 2:20 pm
It NEVER work right alway off beat sound like a skip record 97% of the time

Mensajes 4 days ago @ 4:21 pm
AsTheDJ+ wrote :
It NEVER work right alway off beat sound like a skip record 97% of the time

Thank you so much for your reply! I'm actually trying to help a friend. I use a PC with VDJ8 and the Loop Out works flawlessly on my system, but my friend has a Mac. I am trying to help her get it working on her laptop but no luck yet.

Do you know of any workarounds maybe? Maybe a different effect we can use to get the same desired results?

Mensajes 4 days ago @ 5:02 pm

Mensajes 4 days ago @ 7:02 pm
PhantomDeejay wrote :
Actually "Loop Out" effect (the one designed for VirtualDj 8, not VirtualDj 7 and earlier) works pretty much flawless on MAC
We are talking about this plugin :
Just make sure you open it's GUI and set the correct parameters

Yes!!! That's the one I tried to install on my friend's Macbook. For some unknown reason to me, it is not showing up in VDJ8 under the effects drop down menu. We downloaded it from the site. Then we double clicked on it to install and it said, "Installation successful!" I even looked inside the Plugins64 folder and the Loop Out Bundle was in there.

But it's not showing up and we can't get it to work. (scratching my head big time)

Did we miss a step somewhere?

Mensajes 4 days ago @ 7:26 pm