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Tema: VDJ Folder Missing In Action
Hi all,

I just notice that wasn't to copy my Virtual Folder as I once did.
I normally copy my music and my Virtual Folder directories to my extrual drive for my backup laptop.
However, now I can't find where these VDJ Folder is being held. I looked in all the Virtual directory but wasn't able to find where these have now being stored.
For my job tonight I just copied the client song list and save it as a playlist. But having the VDJ Folders is great and easier way for me to make sure to be ready if I need to use my backup Laptop.

Can someone please tell me have happen to this feature?
I'm using Virtual Version 7.47 with I update my version about 6 months but just notice today that my VDJ Folders where being copied over.

Any and all help is welcome.
I'm ok for my gig tonight but going forward I would like to be able to again have my VDJ Folders working right.

As always, Thanks

Mensajes Sat 19 Aug 17 @ 3:17 pm

You know it's bad when you forget your password.
Meanwhile I went ahead and created this question.
The question above is from me CadDog...
Ya, it been a while since I have been around and sorry for this mistake but did know what else to do.
I will fix this come Monday but for now if anyone a quick answer that would be great.

Again, sorry and Thanks...

Back to loading my Van for tonight gig...
Virtual Dj is the best...!!!

Mensajes Sat 19 Aug 17 @ 3:42 pm
In VirtualDj 7 the Virtual Folders were part of the database (VirtualDj 6 database.xml) file itself.
In VirtualDj 8 Virtual Folders are now separate files that you can move/copy/edit as you wish.

Mensajes Mon 21 Aug 17 @ 7:57 am
CadDogPRO InfinityMember since 2004
PhantomDeejay wrote :
In VirtualDj 7 the Virtual Folders were part of the database (VirtualDj 6 database.xml) file itself.
In VirtualDj 8 Virtual Folders are now separate files that you can move/copy/edit as you wish.

Hi old psdj friend,

Here is my question again which I hope I can me a little more clearer then my first post.

Within my laptop's directory under User/Jesse/Documents/VirtualDJ

There are folders with keep all the items with runs and support my 7.47 version of VirtualDj

In the past all I needed to do for my backup laptop was to copy to my external harddrive:
--- Update my music
--- Update VirturalDJ directory.

Within the VirturalDj there is a folder called FOLDERS. This folder there are files called .vdjfolder (which I think stands for VirtualDJ Folder)
The created virtual folders would show up when I connected my external hard drive in my backup laptop with the same Virtual Folders I have on my main laptop.

However, last week I notice that these files were not being created on my Main laptop. I have some old folders I created last year but no new ones.

I use this feature for keeping a list of my client's request. This really helps because it save me time looking up songs at the event because I create a client virtual folder for that event.

So, the only change is that in my new main laptop I elected to also install V8. I did notice that is also uses the same folder to store V8 files.

Lastly, my question is, How can I get my virtual folders to work again. Do I need to uninstall V8 in order for this feature to work once again?

Thanks again buddy for you help and support with VirtualDj
(With I totally Love and which make My work easier.)

Mensajes Wed 23 Aug 17 @ 8:08 pm
The "FOLDERS" directory is used only by VirtualDj 8, not by VirtualDj 7.
Therefore the contents of this folder are presented ONLY on VirtualDj 8.
Also VirtualDj 8 will read VirtualDj 7 database and will create the necessary files for VirtualDj 8 only if there are not any VirtualDj 8 related files on your system, or V8 database is at least 6 months older than V7 one.
So, in your case you run VirtualDj 8 at some point, it read VirtualDj 7 database and created the files it needed. From that point on, VirtualDj 7 and VirtualDj 8 are using different databases and different files. That's why you don't see new Virtual Folder that you created on VirtualDj 7 listed on the "FOLDERS" directory.

As I said above, the Virtual Folders in VirtualDj 7 are kept on the database file itself.
For VirtualDj 7 the database file is: User/Jesse/Documents/VirtualDJ/VirtualDj v6 database.xml
Also on external drives the database is: F:/VirtualDj v6 Local database.xml

These 2 files contain all browser related information on VirtualDj 7: They contain favorite folders, filter folders and virtual folders.

Since you are still using VirtualDj 7 you need to ensure that besides your music files you also update/sync the above 2 files.
If Virtual Folders are not showing up in general (in other words you don't see ANY Virtual Folder) then check your options since in VirtualDj 7 it was possible to hide some type of folders from being visible.

Mensajes Wed 23 Aug 17 @ 11:37 pm
CadDogPRO InfinityMember since 2004
Thanks buddy,

I'm heading home and will check that out tonight.

Thanks again.

I will respond tomorrow on my finding...

Mensajes Wed 23 Aug 17 @ 11:59 pm
CadDogPRO InfinityMember since 2004
ok PhantomDeejay,

I found my problem.
After installing V8 I got a little confused and forgot what I have always done before.

It was easy and simple.
Like you stated, I changed the name on external hard drive file to E:/VirtualDj v6 Local database.xml
I also deleted VirtualDj v6 database.xml from all locations I had tried to place it on both the back laptop and external drive...

I have whiten down my simple steps to follow when using my external hard drive.

--- 1. Update my music files
--- 2. Copy current VirtualDj v6 database.xml from my main laptop location to the root of the hard drive
--- 3. Change the name by adding the LOCAL (as seen above)

Thanks for your help as always.

CadDog Out...
Always a happy Virtual DJ user and promoter...!!!


Mensajes Thu 24 Aug 17 @ 6:00 pm
djBOB365ControlleristMember since 2014
Help me with this please... I created a Virtual DJ folder for an upcoming event. I placed all the song requests in there and renamed it to the date of the event. I closed VDJ 8 and opened it again a day later and I cannot located the folder. Where is it stored?

... found it. it was created inside another folder. Is there a search function in the browser?

Mensajes Fri 06 Oct 17 @ 2:08 pm

Mensajes Fri 06 Oct 17 @ 10:07 pm