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Tema: Karaoke
Hi all how do I get the screen where you see the words for karaoke up after the first karaoke song has finished

Mensajes Tue 12 Sep 17 @ 11:34 pm
Hi. With home user you only get one screen. Ctrl V. To activate. No video Output. Allowed.


Mensajes Wed 13 Sep 17 @ 4:52 am
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
@GKAudiO DJ thats totally incorrect. Home users (without any license) can have Video Output n full screen on a secondary monitor just like Pro users, with the exception that they cannot remove the VirtualDJ logo

@pughey12 I suppose you are interested in previewing the next Karaoke track. This is possible if you load that manually to a free/spare deck (not the one that the Karaoke mode is using)
The video preview of that deck is available in the VIDEO center mixer panel. If too small to see the lyrics, i am afraid you will have to look for a custom skin which offers larger video deck previews Focus skin is one for example

Mensajes Wed 13 Sep 17 @ 11:02 pm