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OMG! i have no idea what i'm doing, lol. I've had some success but the Led's aren't responding quite as they should, think this is due to how the internals of the Denon MC7000 handles the FX Assign. There's no device file to hack either.

Adding the Dub Echo Color FX to the Filter knob on your controller

Create a Custom Button 1
effect_active 'colorfx' & effect_select 'colorfx' 'echo'

custom_button 1 ? effect_colorslider 'colorfx' : filter

custom_button 1

Now when pressing FX1_Assign button 1 makes channel 1 FILTER knob be the Dub Echo Colour FX. FX1_Assign button 2 makes channel 2 the Dub Echo. FX1_Assign button 3 etc etc. Pressing it off returns back to the Filter. The buttons light up perfectly to correspond by default.

Here's were it gets a little more complex. I wanted to make FX2_ASSIGN be the Reverb (or another effect) which i can get to work

Create a Custom Button 6
effect_active 'colorfx' & effect_select 'colorfx' 'reverb'

custom_button 6

BUT... The button for FX1_Assign and FX2_Assign both light up regardless to which is pressed. It would be ideal if this didn't happen. It's almost perfect. As we have shift too, that's 4 different color FX that can be assigned to the filter knob, independently to each channel.

I'd love to chat to some advanced scripters out there I've been at this for hours now.

Mensajes Thu 15 Feb 18 @ 1:33 pm
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
Use && instead of & if you want the "led" to return true if both actions are true.
So ..
effect_active 'colorfx' && effect_select 'colorfx' 'reverb'
effect_active 'colorfx' && effect_select 'colorfx' 'echo'

Mensajes Thu 15 Feb 18 @ 3:53 pm
Thank you. I'll try this, it sounds like the solution to some other issues i'm having too.

Mensajes Thu 15 Feb 18 @ 6:24 pm
Well, that didn't take me long. I can confirm... It works. I now have 2 different colorfx assignable to any channel filter, with the LED's matching correctly. With the use of shift, it can be 4. Thank you. But be warned, something tells me this is only the beginning. So much more to do.

Mensajes Thu 15 Feb 18 @ 11:12 pm
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