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Tema: Slider For Equaliser
I've had a good search around and i can't find a way to use 3 separate sliders for the equalizer instead of 3 knobs. Does anyone know of a setting, or a skin that gives this option?

Mensajes Fri 08 Dec 17 @ 12:27 am
Basically a slider is a linear knob (or a knob is a round slider)
Therefore the same action would work on both.
E.g. eq_low
However keep in mind that in a slider it's the middle of the slider that would reset the eq (no eq applied) similar to how a crossfader behaves.
Positions left (or lower) from middle position will lower the frequency you control with the slider while positions on the right (or higher) of middle position will boost it.

Mensajes Fri 08 Dec 17 @ 1:07 am
Yes, its the same action on both, i just get better control from using a slider than a knob.
I dont mean crossfader sliders for the equaliser. I'm looking for 3 separate sliders (preferably vertical, similar to the main level slider) for each deck, 0-100% for low, mid, and high.
I used to have the option on a version from many years ago and used it on almost every mix.

Mensajes Fri 08 Dec 17 @ 1:27 am
If you mean to use sliders instead of knobs on your screen then I'm not aware of any VirtualDJ 8 skin that offers such an option.
Of course the facility is still present. In other words it's up to a skin developer to offer such an option on his skin since the program is 100% capable to offer vertical or horizontal sliders for eq instead of round knobs

Mensajes Fri 08 Dec 17 @ 9:02 am