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Tema: Pioneer DDJ SX2 Play button repair?
So, as the subject line states, I have a broken play button on my DDJsx2 and after hours searching, found only 1 replacement online. My question is, as I can not locate any youtube videos are or for this controller.. I want to know what's involved in swapping these buttons out? Anyone ever do it? Any Guides? THanks

Mensajes Mon 05 Mar 18 @ 12:25 am
BlulitePRO InfinityMember since 2009
i can only go off the controllers ive repaired before, never done the sx2, generally its pretty simple to repair, the main thing to remember is there are ribbons and connections that you may have to remove to gain access to the button. as long as these go back in correctly then you shouldn't have any issues. also did you ring pioneer? ive often had spare buttons sent out by manufacturers as a gratuity. depending on the age of your unit you may also be able to have it repaired under manufacturers warranty. so worth making the call anyway.

Mensajes Mon 05 Mar 18 @ 4:57 pm
I already found a purchased the buttons,, just was looking for some tips to replace it .

Mensajes Mon 05 Mar 18 @ 10:40 pm