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Tema: Usage in dance school
I'm using vdj non-corporate personal, but would like to use it in my dance school.
It is very good, but I'm missing a few features:
1. I'm looking for a better skin with two decks, without scratch wheel (absolutely no need), but two play lists. One is playing, second for preparing.
2. No effect buttons, but big buttons: play, pause, stop, pitch/tempo regulator all per deck.
3. BPM calculation for 3/4 and 6/8 bar music (memorize).
4. *2, *4, *8, /2, /4, /8 multiplicators from beat. Should memorize with every song.
5. Speed for instance one 98%, other 100%, next 97,5% should memorize with every song. So one don't need to regulate every single song, but one master speed.
6. Controller without jog wheels, with illuminated big buttons as above
7. Controller with remote control (play, pause, stop, prev, next, volume, pitch/speed)
8. Nice would be bar synchronization (not only beat sync)

Is there a skin, which matches partly?
Is there a controller with similar function?

I think, these functions are very needed by all dance schools, dance cafes and similar "non-disco" clubs and nightclubs, dance competitions, tournament dance clubs, hobby dancer...
They would all buy your system, if these functions would be included.

Many thanks for your suggestions
a frustrated BPM Studio user

Mensajes Tue 13 Mar 18 @ 12:57 am
If you are using the software commercially (as in making money from the use of it} then you need a Pro license or subscription.

There is a skin called Dance Infinite which may meet your needs.

Mensajes Tue 13 Mar 18 @ 7:40 am
Yes, I know, but we want to buy it only if it fits our needs.
Many thanks for the skin.

Mensajes Tue 13 Mar 18 @ 9:59 pm
Waterdevil wrote :
Yes, I know, but we want to buy it only if it fits our needs.
Many thanks for the skin.

Then your best bet is to just to sign up for the monthly plan. Try it out for $19 a month, download some skins that you might like and if it serves your purpose, keep paying monthly or buy the full priced version:

There is no free preview to see if it "fits your needs" and if you're using the home version for a paid professional gig, then you're doing so illegally. Just pay the $19 for the pro version for a month and see if that works for what you want.

Mensajes Wed 14 Mar 18 @ 12:49 pm
I have been DJing school dances since 1980. I have been using VDJ since 2005 and love it. It fits my needs perfectly for school dances and I use just a 27” multi-touch screen as my controller. I looked around for a while for a system that would support music videos and VDJ was the best solution back then and still is. Every gig that I do, I play music videos. I don’t do gigs without it. As the other people have stated upgrade to pro and you’ll like it. Just look for a skin that suits your needs.

Mensajes Sat 17 Mar 18 @ 5:13 am
Hi Waterdevil
I run a dance studio, everything that you are asking for is not really possible ... but ... try the skin V8 but by FRUiT
try the Automix view
I hope that helps

Mensajes Sat 17 Mar 18 @ 12:03 pm