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Discussion about Cue Scratch

This pads page offers the same Scratch patterns as the default Scratch page.
  • HotCue selection :
    - Hold SHIFT (or right-click) and Pad 1 to 8 and select Hotcue 1 to 8. Repeat to un-select. When a Hotcue is selected, the Scratch will start applying from the Hotcue position
    - If the selected Hotcue doesn't exist, the scratch will apply from the current position, but will also assign the selected HC number to the current position
    - If no Hotcue is selected, the Scratch will apply from the current position.
  • You can edit the Scratches (in DNA Editor) from the Pads page Menu
  • Parameter 1 selects the Hotcue (0 for none), same as if you use SHIFT+Pads
  • Page supports 16 Pads (with 16 scratch patterns in total and 16 Hotcues to select

Cue Scratch Pads page

Cue Scratch Pads page when SHIFT is pressed

  • Fixed typo on Pad 4

Mensajes Sun 10 Jun 18 @ 3:19 am