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Tema: Problems with finding songs
Hello guy's
I have an issue with my Virtual Dj, recently (maybe with some of the updates) I started to have problem with browser and finding a song that I have in my pc, I can go to the playlist or folder and find it manually, but that's pain in ass and taking too long, if I can not find that song by search. It's just some songs not all of them, but all are some of the songs I playing the most, so I'm quite desperate to solve this problem. Does someone has same problem ? is there anyway I can fix it ? I tried to reinstalling program, reset settings, nothing seems to work.

Thank you.

Mensajes Thu 14 Jun 18 @ 12:26 am
Make sure the drive with the content is set to "add to search database". Also make sure that the audio, video, and karaoke icons are selected, (whichever ones that you use) to the left of the browser.

Mensajes Thu 14 Jun 18 @ 4:03 am
this has happend to me if there is a ( , ) or a ( ' ) in the name it will not find the song. if i take the apostrophe out it then finds it but the apostrophe is in the song title

Mensajes Mon 18 Jun 18 @ 6:57 pm