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Tema: Definition from My Controller is no more funktionable
Since the last Update 4580 Virtual DJ rerecognizes My self created Definition from My Controller no more
Also My Mapping .
Virtual Dj detects only the Factory Native Mapping and Definition.
At the early Builds all work good.
I have now reinstall the previously Build , that work.
But the new Update has also many improvements .
What is wrong there?
Please contact the Developers
Greetings Dani

Mensajes Sat 22 Sep 18 @ 6:57 am
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
We are aware of the problem. A fix will be available shortly

Mensajes Sat 22 Sep 18 @ 9:25 am
Thank You .
Because I need My Controller working.
On the other hand, the new update also included some useful renewals.
Nice Weekend

Mensajes Sat 22 Sep 18 @ 9:57 am