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Tema: ShaderToy Functionality Requests
I'm not sure if anyone else has been getting carried away with the ShaderToy feature, but I have. I was wondering how to get a few suggestions in for consideration on some near future VDJ update. Here they are:

- Categorization or Grouping
. I would like to categorize some and call them up as a group or set. A number of them are very slow and lend themselves to idling between events like a screensaver without having a blank screen. Some work better than others to blend with photos or live camera feeds, especially if doing something like a wedding or other celebration. A number of them work well with period music, like disco or late 60s psychedelic (not to be confused with psychodelic!).

- Changing the Timing Counter
. I have several ShaderToy effects that do a lot more if they could run more than 24 beats. Being able to change that from, say, 8 to something like 128 (in logical bar progressions) would allow effects to run longer.

- Pad Button Assignment
. It would be cool to be able to call up a specific ShaderToy effect, or a group... I think. Even calling up one that is a solid color (including black) for those times when the screen becomes a distraction from what is happening on the floor. It could also be another way to bring up a slide show or camera, possibly being faster to get to.

I'm just thinking 'out of the box', here. Anyone else see where I'm going and have similar ideas? I think it will put this the Shader into alignment with DMX lighting.

Hopefully, no VDJ coder goes into sudden anxiety mode wondering how to pull any of this off, or why that feature was added in the first place (:>)

Mensajes Fri 11 Jan 19 @ 12:07 am

Mensajes Fri 11 Jan 19 @ 8:32 pm
I totally missed that forum... Thanks!

Mensajes Tue 15 Jan 19 @ 11:52 pm