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Tema: I can't set pitch to 0.0 exatly
xVuraControlleristMember since 2018
Hi guys , i have this strange problem . I can't set pitch slider to 0.0 exactly with my Numark Party Mix . I i put the slider on the middle it sets to +0.2 or -0.2 or something like that .Is there a way to fix the problem ? I thinked about a script when pitch is 0.50 (middle position i think) to set the slider to 0% but i'm not quite sure . Can someone help me ? Thanks !

Mensajes Thu 11 Jul 19 @ 9:36 pm
Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + * (character above the number 9 next to /)

Mensajes Thu 18 Jul 19 @ 12:03 pm
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
The Numark PartyMix doesnt have any "click" center position, so the fader itself wont help you be dead accurate at zero pitch point. Neither it has some great resolution or a large fader length, so you could be near 0% only if you have selected some small pitch range like 6% or so.
Not many buttons on the controller available either to map one, so you will probably have to use a keyboard shortcut or a skin custom button mapped to do that if you are not using the default skin (double-click on the reset dot next to Pitch).
The action you need to use is .. pitch 100%

Mensajes Thu 18 Jul 19 @ 3:38 pm