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Tema: Setting-Skript
how can the entry:
from settings.xml to a HOTKEY / CUSTOMER-BUTTON so that MISCELLANEOUS configurations of the list-views can be called as PRESETs from there?

setting 'browserColumns' '...???...'

<browserColumns>file=load(0),titl(13.92),mix(5.04),leng(4.62),bitr(5.56),usr1(7.09),bpm(3.29),key(13.87),arti(26.2),albu(5.09),year(4. 19),comm(7.14),path(4)|side=load(4.2),star(2.25),titl(20.34),mix(5.61),leng(4.67),usr1(7.33),bpm(4.2),key(3.98),bitr(4.81),arti(11. 82),albu(6.4),path(19.83),year(4.56)|side(auto)=load(5.69),titl(25.11),mix(4.37),leng(4.01),usr1(5.95),bpm(3.23),key(5.35),bitr(5.21),arti(26. 83),star(14.25)|file(play)=usr2(8.28),titl(22.09),mix(4.98),leng(4.34),usr1(3.08),bpm(3.79),key(5.43),bitr(2.98),arti(10.45),grou(5. 64),year(4.52),path(24.42)|file(samp)=spla(4),spos(4),titl(88),sedi(4)|file(hist)=titl(21.43),mix(7.25),usr1(8.26),bpm(5.38),arti(46.17),plti(11. 51)|side(sbnk)=spla(10),titl(60),svol(30)|side(kara)=lpos(10),titl(35),arti(35),sing(20)|file(ask)=msg(60),from(20),askd(20)|file(auto)=arti(26. 11),titl(27.46),genr(14.29),ling(8.93),star(14.29),plat(8. 93)|file(sbnk)=spla(4),spos(4),titl(40),sgrp(20),svol(16),slen(12),sedi(4)|side(play)=titl(40),arti(40),mix(20)|side(hist)=titl(30),arti(30),mix(20),plti(20)|side(rmix)=mix(100)</browserColumns>

Mensajes Sun 24 May 20 @ 6:14 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
Don't think so, I wish we could, one of my biggest bugbears when having a guest on my rig is coming back on and my browser is all wrong.
I know it's not the end of the world, but it really does seem to be the first thing adjusted with a new dj [equivalent to driving seat position]

Mensajes Sun 24 May 20 @ 6:38 pm
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
I and other already tried (and asked for)
for me:
1) it's read only, and not dynamic
2) order depends on order skin, layout were open
3) depends on setting skinWindows which is not readable anymore (xml unreachable appears empty in settings)

Mensajes Sun 24 May 20 @ 6:38 pm
Hello locodog,

thank you for responding to such a request from me.

But here another intuition is in the foreground, to use the function for your own use at your own workstation:

It's common practice to set up the windows of the browser and its columns - everyone has his own control.

For the gig it's a clear structure, without any superfluous information.

But to work, prepare, postprocess a gig - I - need OTHER columns, less, more, i.e. other combinations to adapt the interface for editing the archive in overview and details to the workflow.

But that means, that I have to destroy my 'gig formation' every time and afterwards I have to reconstruct it, window by window (Seach-list, side-list, play-list etc.).

I would like to achieve this now by my QUESTION FOR HELP after a FIXING in PRESETs into the community.

I've already been able to create some individual settings and macros, but I lack the right syntax for transferring and reading the line 'browswerColumns'.

No one else can get at it than me, who then knows what he can do with it.

I hope that there is a meaningful solution to this problem after all.

best wishes for the day

Mensajes Mon 25 May 20 @ 11:05 am