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Tema: Tracks that work well when stem isolating

So I guess many of us are going through our libraries and trying all types of music out with the new EQ system...

Which tracks have you found that work particularly well?

I've just been listening to some old Jackie Wilson songs, and it's educational to hear certain voices with no instrumentation.

There was one point just now, listening to his version of Danny Boy, where he hit such pure notes that the system filtered it out, thinking it was an instrument. :-)

Mensajes Fri 19 Jun 20 @ 3:42 pm
Nobody's finding good tracks to isolate?

Mensajes Thu 09 Jul 20 @ 9:36 am
I absolutely LOVE this feature!
When i heard Deorro - Bomba i thought to myself "why is this not featuring Missy Elliot?"
Well now, thanks to VDJ's stems, you can extract and live mix (you'll need to loop or skip some parts to make the segments / drops lign up) Missy Elliot - She's a B*tch with it and i think it's absolutely perfect!

Mensajes Tue 21 Jul 20 @ 5:41 pm