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Tema: <filelist source="e;sampler"e; not OK
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
Doc says "<filelist source="automix|karaoke|sidelist|sampler"> : Provides the specific List of the Sideview (Automix, Karaoke, Sidelist and Sampler) without the top info bar and the bottom navigation buttons"

when this is true for "automix&karaoke&sidelist" this is not for "sampler" :
it opens a list with headers corresponding to those selected for virtual folder

in a way to get correct sampler you have to use "sampler://" syntax instead
which induce other folders can show as well - of course because of clones

some lists:// netsearch:// and other askthedj:// or localmusic:// are accessible as well
but they are case sensitive and need to be lowercase

taking "filters://" as an example : while accessible but empty, children are accessible
as well as complex ones :
filters://By BPM.vdjfolder\(unknown).vdjfiltersubfolder

in fact would be fine vdj extension not to be necessary in these case

EDIT : Still problems with html entities in title ^^ : <filelist source="sampler"> not OK

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