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Forum: Wishes and new features

Tema: Make automix use hotcues if available.
Baldy68PRO InfinityMember since 2019
Since I also use VDJ as radio broadcaster I would like to be able to make automix use my hotcues instead of its own, when hotcues are available. Most important for automix, but cut and fade cues would be awesome if I could set them to be fixed for example 8 bars after second last hotcue as default (if not edited specifically for that file). Also of course what hotcue to use to start to mix in the next song (for example always use the second hotcue to start mixing in, and always use the second last hotcue to mix out). This would speed up things considerably when importing new songs and manually adding hotcues. Should be doable?

Mensajes Thu 13 Jan 22 @ 1:31 pm