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Tema: DDJ-1000 headphone Midi controls should affect headphone volume in audio settings
MC242PRO InfinityMember since 2017
Okay, it's a bit complicated to explain what I mean.
I'm streaming with my DDJ-1000 but I'm not playing the audio from my DDJ-1000 analog outputs nor do I have my headphones connected to the DDJ.
Instead everything runs through my USB sound card which is also the source for the audio stream.
My master output goes to channel 1&2 of the sound card and my headphone signal goes to channel 3&4.
(Actually I have two different sound cards and the master goes to a different sound card but that would only confuse everyone so don't pay attention to this).
What I would like to do now is to control the headphone PFL volume of my sound card (channel 3&4) with the headphones mix knob of the DDJ-1000 as the headphone output is set to my sound card and not to the DDJ.
But all it does is still control the headphone mix on the DDJ-1000. Which makes no sense in my opinion, because I have set the headphone output to my sound card. So is there any way to control the signal flow to the sound card with this knob or can it only control the DDJ internal headphone mix?

Thank you!

Mensajes Thu 20 Jan 22 @ 4:54 am
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
The reason is that the headphone mix is controlled in hardware on the ddj-1000.
If you are using a different sound card, you can remove the mapping of ONINIT from the DDJ-1000 in the mapping tabs of the options window.

Mensajes Thu 20 Jan 22 @ 7:06 am
The "ONINIT" action of DDJ-1000 has same "fake" action declarations.
That's due to the nature of the controller.
In particular:

fake_master on
This tells VirtualDJ that the master volume knob is a hardware controlled one but sends MIDI.
This means that VirtualDJ will output FULL volume on the master channel, let the controller to deal with it, and display the master volume knob position on skin without taking it into account.

fake_hp on
Similar as above, but for headphones. The knob of the controller controls the volume of the headphones via it's hardware. In other words VirtualDJ will output FULL volume on the headphone channels and let the controller deal with it. Still it will show the knob position on skin, but it will be just cosmetic.

fake_hpmix on
This tells VirtualDJ that the "HEADPHONES MIX" knob is operating in hardware mode and blends the sound between "Master" & "Headphones" channels on it's own. Therefore VirtualDJ will NOT take the knob's position into consideration and will always send the "PFL" sound on headphones channels. It will not try to blend the sound between PFL and Master channels because if it does so you get the "double" effect on your headphones: While at 50% you would expect to hear both channels with equal volume, you end up hearing master channel with twice volume than headphones.
Finally, while fake_hpmix is on, the corresponding slider on GUI will also be cosmetic (it will show the controllers position, but moving it with the mouse will have no effect)

So, as Adion said, in order to use another sound interface with your DDJ-1000 you'll have to remove those actions form ONINIT.
HOWEVER if you are going to use the DDJ-1000 sound interface later on another gig, you need to remember to put them back in. Otherwise the controller volume controls will NOT work properly.

Mensajes Thu 20 Jan 22 @ 8:35 am
MC242PRO InfinityMember since 2017
Thank you so much, ADION and PhantomDeejay. As I experienced in the past, your answers here are extremely elaborate and I am really really glad that this forum exists and I can get exactly the answers I need. This is an incredible advantage and makes VDJ many times more valuable to me.

Regarding your concerns about the mapping during the gig I can say that I am streaming on a different computer than I'm using at my gigs. So the streaming mapping stays only on the streaming computer. I could also create a custom mapping for streaming and one for DJing.
I will now try to edit the mapping according to your explanations and get back here to tell you if everything has worked or if I have additional questions.


Mensajes Thu 20 Jan 22 @ 8:01 pm
MC242PRO InfinityMember since 2017
Yes! I bypassed the ONINIT fake_hp settings by putting a "#" right in front the fake_hp so that I can simply delete the # later when I want to use the DDJ-1000 sound card again.
Everything works as I wished it to work now. :)
Thank you so much again!

Mensajes Fri 21 Jan 22 @ 12:48 am