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Tema: Soundswitch not connecting to Virtual DJ
I am running the latest version of Soundswitch ( and the latest version of VDJ (8.5-64 b6800). I have VDJ set to use os2l (set to auto). I have disabled the Windows firewall completely to avoid those issues. I o not have any folders on Onedrive at all. Virtual DJ seems to operate just fine. Soundswitch also operates just fine. In Edit mode in Soundswitch, I can see the VirtualDJ folders. However, in Performance mode, the indicator at the top of the screen shows Virtual DJ as greyed out. When I play tracks in VDJ, the lights do not react as scripted in Soundswitch. What else can I try to get the two applications to talk to each other?

Mensajes Thu 20 Jan 22 @ 9:17 pm
kpmasPRO SubscriberMember since 2008
Hi ... I was searching for something else and came across your post. inside VirtualDJ, open the DMX tab and select any function. Sometimes this is needed to "wake up" Soundswitch from within VDJ. Hope this helps ...

Mensajes Thu 03 Mar 22 @ 7:01 am