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Tema: Single image for audio only playback
At the moment I'm using the slideshow plugin pointing to a directory containing only 1 image.
But i have several venues i work at, where i use different images for each. So i have to shuffle my files about every gig basically.

Is there a way of being able to choose one specific image, instead of having to use a folder. in the old VDJ, i think the plugin was called "showlogo", and it was as simple as choosing one file, and that was it.

Any help and input, would be greatly appreciated! :) Thanks folks!

Mensajes Mon 11 Apr 22 @ 10:07 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
put the images into the sampler or you could have the images as a video overlay [not immediately easy but once you see how it's done it is really easy.]

Mensajes Mon 11 Apr 22 @ 10:20 pm
You can also use logo much the same way as "showLogo" did.
Simply add the image at videologo in setting options

And to quickly select a single image, you can map a keyboard key or custom skin button with the action setting videoLogoImage


Mensajes Tue 12 Apr 22 @ 1:28 pm