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Forum: VirtualDJ Technical Support

Tema: Anyone heard from Locodog recently? I NEED HELP AND WILL PAY!
Genius coder and Virtual DJ savant Locodog has been unresponsive for 3 weeks. He and I have been working together daily for the past three months on a skin and some plug-ins for a radio-style playout system for VDJ. Is there anyone else who's good at scripting or can work closely with me for some finishing touches on a skin? I have no experience and locodog was brilliant... really hope he's okay.

Willing to pay anyone for their time!

Mensajes Fri 24 Jun 22 @ 8:12 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
I'm about, IRL got complicated. I'll check in to FB

Mensajes Fri 24 Jun 22 @ 8:48 pm
OMG I can breathe again! Soooo good to see your name...

Mensajes Fri 24 Jun 22 @ 8:55 pm
Where did you go??? Please help!

Just need locodog for like 1 day and then I'll leave him alone lol. Pleassseee and thank you!

Mensajes Sun 03 Jul 22 @ 9:04 pm