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Forum: Wishes and new features

Tema: Song event features
Is it possible for the get_song_event action to be updated to
cater for more features. I mean in this era of ai & automation tedious tasks
like censoring songs manually, identifying repeating parts of a song eg choruses should be something of the past or rather made easier by identifying those common patterns like the f*, p* & d* words in a song.

I know this script action was mearnt for visualisation plugins but what if it could offer alittle bit more.

Mensajes Fri 15 Sep 23 @ 8:42 am
"like censoring songs manually,"

What would you want it to censor?

Example lyrics from a song.

A lady lays on the bed pleasuring herself with a banana

Is that clean as it doesn't have a single swear word in it? no F MF C N etc.

But if it's not which words would you censor from ALL songs.....Lady ? Pleasure?

Mensajes Sun 17 Sep 23 @ 9:28 am
In this example the pleasuring word is what makes the whole statement abussive but that was not my issue. My issue lies with the f* words since they are very common and sometimes you just need to create a clean mix that can be listened by anybody regardless of age. So to answer your question ofcourse you can't have any piece of software do all the work for you but in this case atleast the vdj devs should try something like creating a censoring model and training it with common offensive words and then find a way to incorporate that functionality to future builds. That way you can take the necessary step afterwards.

Mensajes Wed 27 Sep 23 @ 9:21 am
Again to emphasize the importance of this, so long as even a single offensive word is detected then ofcourse you will jump to that section and listen to the whole phrase so in your example you will end up filtering the remaining words that you feel are abussive eg banana, bed etc but the beauty of this is that you will have saved on alot of time rather than listening and censoring manually.

Mensajes Wed 27 Sep 23 @ 9:26 am