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Tema: A built in Video to audio converter?
I bet no one has thought of this...i wish i could right click on a video on the VDJ browser and select "convert to mp3" and of course send that to a selected audio folder..and i dont mean recording it on output...I'm downloading a lot Of videos from you tube as they my downloader app cannot convert as it did...instead is crashing the system if i chose any convertion while i leave it on "default" which is mp4 on you tube?.. if they dont have a moving image ,just audio..which then i have to go back and convert to audio with my converter I'm having to right click and chose "show location" which opens the windows explorer folder that the file is in..from there I'm having to right click o the file and chose the my converter app...pain in the the cool thing would be the built in video converter/audio extractor...please consider this option...yes?

Mensajes Mon 18 Sep 23 @ 9:56 am
FYI: It's illegal to download from YT - especially if you then use the result to make money as a DJ - and the YT audio quality is pretty bad

Mensajes Mon 18 Sep 23 @ 10:01 am
There are Youtube downloaders available with built in audio converters, WinX Youtube downloader for example.

Leaving the legalities aside, unless you re-edit the video and overlay it with HQ audio in Premiere elements or something like that the sound quality will generally be crap.

Xtendamix are pretty cheap and the audio is good quality.

Mensajes Mon 18 Sep 23 @ 10:13 am
not tube itself has subscriptions to download....and if i did or not is not any of your tons of people do...and i happen to be more of a producer than a dj these days (was always a producer,started with hardware midi sequencers and drum maschines in the 80's...tons of my demos and ideas got stolen...and i did'nt get a should read my profile back to my original idea..when dj get a track to play and then realise its not really a video,they have to convert it to audio or what..when your in the middle of a mix?

Mensajes Mon 18 Sep 23 @ 10:14 am
Oh ..didnt see you posting point exactly...but i suggest that personnel read my profile before they classify me as an idiot...I make a beat or two a day (some mean techno)..,and post on you tube some..again..look at my profile or search when i poste my videos ..cause right now i am making some mean creations...and if i was to worry about small details then i would not be creating...and yes..I know about all the apps...i might need to do this on the fly..and vdj can record on i know this is a possibility...thanks...

Mensajes Mon 18 Sep 23 @ 10:22 am
thetracker510 wrote :
not tube itself has subscriptions to download....

For private use, not public performance. Per their terms and conditions.


Mensajes Mon 18 Sep 23 @ 10:27 am
thetracker510 wrote :
so the cool thing would be the built in video converter/audio extractor

No, the "cool thing" would be for you to buy the music.

Trying to justify it by saying "tons of people do it" - well tons of people commit murder every day as well. Doesn't make it OK.

Also you complain about people stealing from you, but you're doing exactly that to others.

thetracker510 wrote :
you tube itself has subscriptions to download

For mobile devices, so you can play them without an internet connection. Also it's a rental service. Subscribing doesn't make the content yours.

Mensajes Mon 18 Sep 23 @ 10:27 am
and such its cant stop,control your so called music no better than your own life...or keep a step family member from taking advantage of someone's father and then take the house he worked for all his doesnt change anything...the thing is are you learning from that music?...are you creating anything?...or are you just wasting time at a internet forum?... or thinking you are the only dj in the world...when are people gonna get real? back to the question...what if we can code the browser to open the file's explorer right click menu and chose from within the vdj browser to select the video converter of your choice and get on with business? lol..

Mensajes Mon 18 Sep 23 @ 11:35 am