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Forum: Wishes and new features

Tema: New Smart_Fader feature
Please add this feature under Settings/Automation.
This feature does not currently work as part of a script.
It has to be mapped by itself and once triggered it will allow the entire set to be mixed with this action.

Mensajes Wed 27 Sep 23 @ 2:04 pm
Yes you map it yourself, or use a controller where it's pre-mapped (it was made for the FLX4)
I think a toggle script is a bit better than a setting, because you don't really have time to go into settings to turn it on an off during a set

I made a few videos on it back when it was added.
They may inspire you:


Mensajes Wed 27 Sep 23 @ 2:36 pm
... you may also want to look into the brand new Auto BPM Transition feature

It works differently, but can serve some of the same purposes

Mensajes Wed 27 Sep 23 @ 2:38 pm