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I have used Atomix every weekend for about two months. I have found it very easy to use.

I do have one irritating problem. Some of my mp3 files have a different volume level. I would like to have them all at the same level. I purchased a product called Clean, It does normalize (I think this means optimize volume level), but only from wave files. I also have about 10,000 songs on my hard drive. I need a product that will normalize a large volume of mp3 files at once. Does anybody know how to do it or know of software that will do it?



Mensajes Mon 18 Mar 02 @ 9:05 pm
Sound Forge has a normalizer in it that you can use. However, I do not think that you can normalize many songs at once. If you record want to record songs that you have mixed, just mix them as they are. Then if you have Roxio's EZ CD creator 5, you can go under Soundstream and there is a function there that you can use to normalize a cd that you record a mix that you made.

Mensajes Wed 20 Mar 02 @ 2:56 am
Have you used sound forge alot ?

Can you tell me how easy or hard it is to use ?

Mensajes Wed 20 Mar 02 @ 3:14 am
SalvaPRO InfinityMember since 2003
Lets just hope that atomixmp3 will get a Dynamic Processor in time!

Mensajes Wed 20 Mar 02 @ 10:47 am
MikeyHome userMember since 2001

Mensajes Thu 21 Mar 02 @ 11:38 am

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