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Tema: POLL: What External Mixer you Use ?

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Tell as much as you want about it ! (What you like/dislike about it, quality, durability, would buy again ?, etc .. )

Make: American DJ
Model: XDM 343
Channels: 3 (4 line, 3 phono, 3 Mic)
Paid: $88 US (Used)

I just bought this mixer used, which is already a couple years old, not showing ANY wear and tear whatsover !!! American DJ makes sturdy, dependable products. What I don't like about it is: the seperate PFL LED meter which is pretty innacurate, the EQ's are only +- 10 dB, and there no transform switches. But Otherwise is a GREAT mixer !!!!!!!

Make: Behringer
Model: DX-100
Channels: 2
Paid: $35 US (Used)

This mixer sucks because there is no gain or slider cueing, not allowing you to preview the gain LEVEL before you fade your mix in. Also the crossfader is WAY to long. Otherwise it's a great little mixer with quality components. Behringer has go to have the best value-for-money around !!

Mensajes Tue 19 Mar 02 @ 5:24 am
WOW ! What a response ?!

Mensajes Tue 19 Mar 02 @ 7:31 pm
ikkeHome userMember since 2003
I've got a Roland DJ 2000, but just sold it some days ago to a friend of mine (I still have it at home, but within some days, I willn't have it anymore ;)) I'd like to have such a Numark with built-in Kaoss pad.

Mensajes Tue 19 Mar 02 @ 7:42 pm
DJtalonHome userMember since 2001
i had a cheap radio shack mixer, 4 channels, no EQ or anything. then it broke.

now i have a mouse

Mensajes Tue 19 Mar 02 @ 8:42 pm
You mean you can afford a DJ 2000 but not the full version of atomix ?! What's the matter with you :-|

Mensajes Tue 19 Mar 02 @ 8:58 pm
ikkeHome userMember since 2003
No, my parents bought that for me, because I used to have good results at school. That's not really the cas anymore...

Mensajes Tue 19 Mar 02 @ 9:54 pm
dj2nvHome userMember since 2004
I use the behringer DX500 mixer...
Its good and i got it at a good price....... AUS$430 it was a bargain... well the guy at the shop owed me sumthin....
Arghhhh the Crossfader on the mixer is awesome, and the sound quality of the EQ's is also only comperable to the DJM 600....

.::DJ Ben Jammin::.

Mensajes Tue 19 Mar 02 @ 10:35 pm
I always wanted a DX500 .... but is out of my price range !!

Mensajes Wed 20 Mar 02 @ 12:48 am
nateHome userMember since 2001
Make: Stanton Magnetics
Model: RM3S
Channels: 3 (6 line, 3 phono, 2 mic)
Paid: $205 US (New)

Has everything one could ask for as far as features - Kill switches, gain on each channel, pan on each channel, effects loop for an external efx box, crossfader reverse (aka hamster switch), good monitoring (cue pan, cue on/off on each channel), 3 band mic EQ, replaceable faders, 3 band -26DB eq on each channel, accurate output metering

about the only thing it doesnt have is PFL metering and a crossfader curve adjustment...

I'm real happy with it. it was cheap, it's got all the feaures, the layout is easy to get used to... the EQ's are DEEP, and having a pan on each channel is rare! it's somewhat fun to suddenly sweep the pan controls for channel A and B in opposite directions, bringing one track to either side then laying them over eachother. most mixers only have the pan on the output stage. The cue pan is handy, you can fade between cue and program like a small crossfader. It's definitly a quality product.. I cant speak much for durability, I've only owned it 3.5 months now but no problems yet and I use it daily quite a bit. I'd recommend the RM3S to novices especially because it has a wide feature set for not much $$, and has a nice panel layout -- not confusing!

in regards to behringer being the best value-for-the-money, you are RIGHT! behringer seems to be a very unique company, offering quality stuff for not much cash. In addition to mixers, they make some other goodies, like:

MDX2200: reference-quality audio compressor - only $100 new, locally! I have one, and I *LOVE* it!
PEQ2200: 5 band parametric EQ, good and cheap ;)

Also notice behringer manuals are like a sound lesson included with the product - like in the manual to the MDX2200, they basically give you a lesson in dynamics compression as you learn to use the product. hehe.

Mensajes Wed 20 Mar 02 @ 8:28 am
Brian CHome userMember since 2001
I'm using a Numark 1002X, I paid £140 (UK) in December last year. 2 channels (4 phono, 2 line & Mic).

-30db on the EQ's and -35db on the kill buttons, it has transform buttons. Adjustable, quick replaceable crossfader.

I'm happy with this but the only other mixers I've used were a Gemini (sliders felt cheap and nasty) and an old Realistic (Tandy/Radio Shack) job, I've had the realistic about 15 years it has master bass/treble but no midrange control and no individual channel control. The 1 good thing I like about this one is the sound quality seems to be far better than my Numark.

Mensajes Wed 20 Mar 02 @ 10:47 am
Hey ya all....

About a month ago my girl friend bought me a Numark EM-460(mixer I always wanted), boy I was happy.

Make: Numark
Model: EM-460
Channels: 4+1Master (7 line, 3 phono, 2 mic)
Cost: In the US its $450-$599(depends which dealer), but I got mine in China, which came out more expencive, $680.

When I got it I didnt know what to look at first. It was sooo much different than in the pictures that I have seen. By looking at the pictures on the internet it seemed very cheap and bad quality materials, but when I opened up the box it seemed like a totally different mixer.
First thing that cought my eye was the finish and the color of the mixer, it is really impressive. Every channel has bass, mid and high kill switches, indicator leds, "process" swich that is used to turn on the Kaoss Pad function, pan, and a cue button. The ALPS crossfader is replaceable and fully assignable. There are 2 zone outputs, which I use to connect my smaller satelite speakers, that have built in amplifiers, so I can easily control their volume whithout touching them. It has split/bend headphone cueing, and you can also cue the effects before applying them. On the master channel there is a knob for controlling the level of the effect, 3-band equilizer, pan, and mono/stereo switch.
Now the best part is the Kaoss Pad, it consists of 60 effects, 50 effects and 10 sampling banks, each 5 seconds with a different effect that you can apply on the sample. It is easy to use the pad, but then again it requires a bit of practice if you want to sound like a pro(its still easy). Most of the effects that are being made for Atomix are already in the mixer, and you can actually control them as you wish and according to what you are playing, with just the touch of your fingertip! First bad thing that I found in it is that it cannot record a sample from any other channel exept the one you are currently playing. The second bad thing is that you cannot cue the effect on any other channel exept the one that is playing as well. These features arent very important, just it would be good if it had them, then everything would be possible. If you are putting the mixer into a rack (which most of you probably arent), the switch to turn on the mixer is in the back, to me this isnt a problem at all.
In my opinion, this is one of the best mixers you can get right now, because it offers so much in just one mixer. No need for other external samplers and effects processors. Besides the RCA outputs there are the balanced outputs aswell as a midi out for more serious users. If you have the cash, dont even think about it JUST GET IT!! It is really a good deal comparing to what it can do, and if you think it is about time for you to get a mixer and stick to it, this could be one of your choices. I don't think I will be changing to a new mixer in a long time since this looks like it will last forever.
If you have any questions, or something you didnt understand, just ask!

Rave Master

Mensajes Wed 20 Mar 02 @ 11:53 am
manuelHome userMember since 2002
vestax pmc17a ... about 5 years old,repaired it a couple of times,but it works :)

Mensajes Thu 21 Mar 02 @ 4:44 pm

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