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I try to build a mix station from a laptop keyboard and screen and with a tower PC motherboard and peripherals.

Has anyone already done this kind of things or has any information on how to do this ?


Mensajes Tue 19 Mar 02 @ 6:28 pm
DJtalonHome userMember since 2001
If you can manage to get the laptopscreen hooked to the video card, you should be well on your way.

Find one of those really low-profile pizza box computer cases if you can and put you system in that so it takes up less space...

Mensajes Tue 19 Mar 02 @ 8:32 pm
nateHome userMember since 2001
I've grappled with the portable mixing station idea myself, quite a bit actually, and came up with these conclusions:

a) it would cost me about 2000$ to do. that's a lot of money. my idea involved a simple laptop computer with a good USB or PCMCIA 4-channel soundboard, a USB external keypad (to avoid the pesky laptop keyboard) and an external PS2 optical mouse, along with a big enough hard drive to hold a large quantity of MP3s.
b) I already own a nice mixer.
c) two turntables (technics) with cartridges are about $1100 and a flight case is about $150. this is less than just the laptop that was decent enough to play live with.
d) laptops break, are a pain to use live, and dont give near the show of vinyl. they also outdate quickly, but technics tables will still be rocking in 10 years.
e) live DJ'ing of MP3's can create legal issues, if you make money doing it. This causes problems, as the main reason someone would want portability is to play at shows to make some $$.

none the less, if you want portability, build upon a laptop. add a good soundboard, an external keypad for shortcuts (keep yourself off that pesky laptop keyboard), and an external optical mouse... that should be all the additons you'd need.


Mensajes Wed 20 Mar 02 @ 8:08 am
Well, my idea is a lot cheaper as it involves using old stuff easily upgradable :

an old laptop screen and keyboard (I just got an old 486DX4. the screen is only 640x480 (that's why I need a very simple 640x480 skin, but I don't know if it is feasible)
a classic motherboard with two very classic soundcards.
a "low-profile pizza box computer case" ;-)

the other points given by nate are more about the fact of mixing MP3 or vinyls, and that's a whole other question (and there is not really an answer, only preferences).


Mensajes Wed 20 Mar 02 @ 11:03 am
nateHome userMember since 2001
well, a "classic motherboard"?? I run atomixmp3 on a Piii-500 with a 440BX-based motherboard, which i guess is a classic these days - and I would consider it the minimum for atomixmp3 (Esp the current versions) - it barely cuts it, but works well.

If your going to build a system for atomixmp3, I would consider a P3-700+ as the minimum spec for a system. there are reasons behind this... quite a few actually!

by pizza box case, i would assume he means a 1U rack case.

640x480 res? man, that'd be harsh. i can't even take running in 800x600 anymore, now that there are 1024x768 skins (and they are NICE)


Mensajes Wed 20 Mar 02 @ 6:10 pm
Well, the idea is to make the box running.
And only then change each part I have the opportunity to upgrade.

By now I only have a 640x480 screen, so I need a skin for this.
I believe all the functions can appear in such a skin, without any fancy decoration and a bit of organisation.


Mensajes Wed 20 Mar 02 @ 6:27 pm
nateHome userMember since 2001

Mensajes Wed 20 Mar 02 @ 11:06 pm

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