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Tema: Broadcasting

Este tópico es antiguo y puede contener información incorrecta para la nueva versión.

You can send whatever you hear on atomix on something called Shoutcats-radio.

1. You just download the the plugin needed, (which is designed for winamp, but can be used by Atomixmp3)

2. You install it. It's going to install itself in the winampplugin directory.

3. Run Atomixmp3 and go to Record-menu. There you set the filename to be dsp_sc.dll which is the plugin you just downloaded. First you'll have to change "save as type" to
Broadcast plugin to find it in the winampplugin directory. [OK]

4. When you press start recording... a new window will pop up called SHoutcast Source

Next... (from DSp_sc_readme-file)

* Click on the Input tab and ensure that the correct Input Device is selected (usually Winamp)
* Click on the Encoder tab, select Encoder 1 on the left, and select the bitrate options of
your liking (mono settings are above stereo settings in the list)
* Click on the Output tab, then select Output 1 on the left.
* Click on the Connection button to bring up the settings for the SHOUTcast DNAS you will be
connecting to. Enter the IP address under Address, Port number, broadcasting password set
on the server, and select 1 under the Encoder pulldown menu.
* Optionally, place a checkbox in Automatic Reconnection on Connection Failure if you want
the DSP to reconnect in the event of a Internet connection failure.
* Click on the Yellowpages button above to change the description information for this server.
* Enter a Description of the station you're broadcasting, a URL of a website with more information
about your station, and the Genre(s) your server is broadcasting.
* Optionally, you may enter an AIM name if you use AOL Instant Messenger, your ICQ # if you use ICQ,
and an IRC channel if you use EfNet IRC. This information helps listeners locate you as a broadcaster.
* If you want this station to appear in the Station listings for, Winamp radio, and Apple
Computer's iTunes, check the Make this server public checkbox.
* If you want the DSP to connect to the server whenever Winamp starts, check the Connect at Startup item
* Make sure your DNAS is running, and that you're playing MP3 files in Winamp (if using Winamp Input Mode), or
that the soundcard input and mixers are correctly configured if using Soundcard Input mode, and then click
Connect to connect to your server and start broadcasting. If you elected to make your server public, it
will appear in the directory within 15 minutes of starting broadcasting.

It also says

This plug-in is most useful in conjunction with a SHOUTcast server. You either have
to run your own server on your own bandwidth, or pay someone else for the opportunity
to do so (we don't run any servers, we just provide bandwidth and a directory)

For more information :
and also read the readme-file.

You can broadcast by beeing a server... That is if you have bandwidth enough to do so.

If you do...

download shoutcast server program for win98, me, 2k.

install it... run it...

and go back to atmoxwindow&shoutcast window
go to output tab press connect with "localhost" as your address

hope this helps...

- JiM

Mensajes Thu 21 Mar 02 @ 11:55 pm
"go to output tab press connect with "localhost" as your address "

Holy crap jim ..... That's all i had to do all this time ... here i am trying to figure out how to use my computer as a server !!! Thanks !!!!!

Mensajes Fri 22 Mar 02 @ 2:51 am
nateHome userMember since 2001
very nice feature addition.. no longer do you need a line in connection, nor do you need to open winamp, to broadcast to a steam.

2.1 is killerrrrrrrr! :)


Mensajes Fri 22 Mar 02 @ 6:47 am

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