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Tema: hi all ''''i need somre help'""""""

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i have the new labtop sony vaio grx 550
if you know someone that has it or is working with it
i would like to know how good is it going
my problem is the i have a 30 gigs harddrive and i have like 25 gig full of music
i love atomixmp3 v2.1 but is not working correctly
what sould i do whem i play a song it skips like a cd
it is not fun to play on a club and have that kind of problem

thank for your help

Mensajes Wed 08 May 02 @ 3:41 am
HomeboyPRO InfinitySupport ManagerMember since 2003
Are you using a crack version of Atomix. If you are not please log in to identify yourself. Then we can help you with your problem.

DJ Homeboy

Mensajes Wed 08 May 02 @ 4:35 am
your hardrive is probly too full or something ... try to store the songs to a rewritable disc and clear some space....... my guess is that your computer is full... Dj one pak

Mensajes Wed 08 May 02 @ 7:47 am
One pAkHome userMember since 2002
or you could just get another system... :oÞ

Mensajes Wed 08 May 02 @ 7:51 am
Or you could get an external USB Hard drive. It's what I use, and with 120GB I have yet too run out of space for MP3's. But some day I will, but thats far off.

Mensajes Wed 08 May 02 @ 9:52 am

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