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Mensajes Fri 19 Apr 02 @ 3:56 pm
The pictures were kinda hard to work with but that CD700 will most certainly get one or maybe even two skinners started on a new skin.. it has just the right amount of buttons, they're placed fairly good for a Atomix-makeover...

Personally I like the buttons and controls of the CDP-450.. it was a fairly good picture for me to work with since I need a little inspiration for my skin layout... I think I'll try to make something remotely similar to that: brushed/oxidated aluminium with elegant rounded buttons..
If I'm still any good at modeling/rendering (it's been a while since my last project) I just might get it to look like the real thing...but I doubt it.. it's probably gonna look like some chessy 3D-tutorial made by someone who couldn't care less even though I'll give it my best shot :oP

Mensajes Fri 19 Apr 02 @ 4:13 pm

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