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Tema: Anyone used the LCD plugin yet on Atomix?

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John-oHome userMember since 2001
There is a plugin for winamp that displays mp3 data on an external LCD, has anyone used this yet for Atomix? I'm planning on making an external 19" controller for atomix (much like the Numark one for Visiosonic) and I was thinking of incorporating the song name, time left, and other information on the controler.

-DJ John-o

Mensajes Wed 14 Feb 01 @ 7:03 am
i'm trying to make the same thing ... all the plug in for lcd was dis or gen plugin and aotmix use only dsp plug in.... how can i use it in atomix ???

Mensajes Thu 22 Feb 01 @ 9:48 pm
Hello i just askt atomix why the didn't ofer a hardware control panel, but the wanne update the program first and the are thinking about it(but whe will have to wait to long)
I am not so technicall as you but when you made it please let me now my e-mail is

Mensajes Thu 29 Mar 01 @ 4:56 pm
holly shit, guys thats a great idea, i hope it works out.

Mensajes Mon 08 Oct 01 @ 8:56 pm
mommelHome userMember since 2001
If anyone has it ready, please post how to do!
It's a great idea.

Mensajes Mon 10 Dec 01 @ 11:31 am
ikkeHome userMember since 2003
As far as I know, you can only make a 19" controller for Atomix if you let it use your PS2 keyboard interface or use a USB controller and install it in Windows as a USB keyboard (teher's no other way to control but using keyboard or mouse. To do this job with the mouse-input, you'll have a lot of work. That's almost impossible!). You can't get the track# and so on on the display because Atomix doesn't sends this to any program, output or plugin, so you can't get this data to send it to your controller.

I think it's better if the team would implement the routines used by the Numarc controller, so you could use that one.

Greetz, ikke

Mensajes Mon 24 Dec 01 @ 6:42 pm
if you write an Visual Efect addin you can read CD Song Name.
and if you want to start/stop/pause the CD players you can send messages to the window like SENDKEY ...
trie to do this.

Mensajes Mon 15 Apr 02 @ 7:48 pm

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