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Tema: Perhaps a new end effect?

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bluffHome userMember since 2002
Corpse, i know you are still working on the swirl-up effect, but i have a new idea:

Whats about a new end-effect?
: if i wish to end my mix : if there´s a base line still going it stops exactly at the base and have an echo or an hall effect a long time so the base is going out with echo or hall!(perhaps with sliders to decide how it going...?)

I hope you understand by terrible english and my idea!

Greeting Bluff

Mensajes Tue 23 Apr 02 @ 1:58 pm
I haven't tried it out but isn't that sort of what happens if you apply the echo effect and then stop the track a split second later? in that case the Echo and Hall effects are allready done...
but it is a nice way to end a mix if there's noone to take over after you..

Mensajes Tue 23 Apr 02 @ 2:21 pm
Just checked the plugins and there is a hallway echo and a variety of different echoes to chose from...
however I can't test my theory (apply then stop/pause it) at the moment..maybe the plugin goes silent when the song is stopped/ paused.. but it's worth a try as making a plugin just for that effect might not be needed if you can accomplish the same with a little bit of creative thinking :o)

Mensajes Tue 23 Apr 02 @ 2:32 pm
NO! be sure - i am a very crative mixe with atomix - really !
But if switch the normal echo or what you want and press the stop button or pull the volume down, all you sound is down and not only the playing song also effect is down!

And I mean that the effect is more longer than the effects which are to download allready!

read my idea again - perhaps my english is so bad, that no one can understand me!

But greets Bluff

Mensajes Wed 24 Apr 02 @ 8:51 pm

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