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sbangsPRO InfinityMember since 2004
Welcome to the Ultimate Controller guide Version 1.

Controlers allow direct control over the software making it easyer to use and gives a feeling of extra realism

Lets take a moment to look at what a supported controller is

A supported controller is one which is midi enabled

Such as this

this example is a mk2 midi mixer and soundcard

non midi mixers are not contolers sorry..

The main supported controllers are

  • MK2 Console
  • Mk1 Console
  • DM2 Controller (supported in 3.4 with a external tool)
  • Xp10
  • DMC1
  • DAC2 / 3
  • D vinyl control
  • mp3 control
  • Uc33e Mixtable
  • NU04 contoler

Time code:
In-depth guide coming soon


To use time code you need a ASIO SOUND CARD

Ie maya 44 usb
Or mk2 dj console
Or presonus firebox
Virtual vinyl coming soon

Next you need :
Time code vinyl :

Or for cd users

Time code CD :

More coming soon..

Now back to controllers

There are 3 types entry level , pro level , sample control

Entry Level Controllers

  • MK2 Console
  • Mk1 Console
  • DM2 Controller (supported in 3.4 with a external tool)
  • mp3 control

Mk2 Console

The Hercules DJ Console Mk2 includes:
• 2 vinyl-style jog wheels for spinning and scratching, with finger grips for rapid, accurate song searching or speed up or slow down tracks
• 1 crossfader for seamless mixing between the two decks
• 2 volume sliders
• 2 pitch knobs + 2 pitch bend buttons
• 2 x 4 buttons to control software playback (Play / Cue / Next / Previous for each deck)
• 2 x 3 equalizer knobs
• 2 x 3 buttons for effects
• 2 x 2 buttons to control the tempo (Auto-Beat and Master tempo for each deck)
• 1 ministick with 2 buttons emulating a mouse to navigate within any menu
• 2 buttons to select the audio source on the deck

product description :
The DJ Console Mk2 is at the same time a mixer, a controller for VirtualDJ, and a multi-channel USB soundcard.
It can be used with timecoded vinyls, but can also mix external analog audio sources.
Its affordable price and small dimensions make it the best solution for bars or mobile DJs.

this diagram shows how to setup the console with an external mixer

in sound config select external mixer and pick right as ¾ and left as 1/2

if you do not wish to use one simply do not connect it

to use time code
read this guide

the mk2 comes with home edtion bundled with it

to see what features are not available

and to upgrade for a discount

For a mapper to adjust the buttons if you are a pro user

Mk1 Console – is no longer sold

you may still find it on ebay for sale it works in a very similar way however if you buy it on ebay the software should not be included as this illegal

for a copy of virtual dj

Mp3 Control

Same as mk2 minus a souncard
The Hercules DJ Control MP3 is perfect for digital DJs and music fans right across the board:
Compact and portable, the DJ Control MP3 is a dual-deck controller for mixing MP3s, WAVs, WMA etc on a PC.
With all of these features, DJ Control MP3 is the solution DJ mixing amateurs have been waiting for. Up until now, those interested in DJ mixing have been obliged to resort to semi-professional or professional DJ hardware, or use mixing software: software which requires practice and agility in order to progress beyond automatic mixing, with only a mouse and keyboard available to control the music.
All you need to get the most out of DJ Control MP3 ia a computer equipped with a 5.1 sound card, amplified speakers and your favourite music (whether CD-Audio, MP3, WAV or WMA files).

Compact and powered directly by the computer’s USB port, DJ Control MP3 can be used with either a desktop or laptop computer, to mix your music anywhere you like! DJ Control MP3 can also be used to control other mixing software via MIDI commands sent to the computer.

to use headphones
you need a 5.1 soundcard and you need to select headphone mode in the sound setup , and select one output as headphones and one as preview

the software is once again bundled with home edtion
to use the full features of the console you need to upgrade

Dm2 mixer

this contoler costs 30 pounds and is a great starter it only works with 3.4 pro
to gain the files needed to operate it
found on the web

supports song selection beat lock , and cross fade and basic scratching

at this time the shortcuts do not work well however Im attempting to solve this and will post a new file soon

high end controllers

  • Xp10
  • DMC1
  • DAC2 / 3
  • D vinyl control
  • Uc33e Mixtable
  • NU04 controller


allows advanced control and has a soundcard

can work as a single or a pair check more info here:)


DAC controllers are rackable USB remote controllers specially designed for computer DJs.
They offer all the standard features of traditional CD remotes (pitch, play/pause, cue, time display, etc...), plus a few specific to VirtualDJ.

At this time only Dac 3 is sold

But you can find the old ones on ebay , new or old they do not come with vdj
But with pcdj limited edition which in my opinion is so poor you might as well chuck it
You have to purchase it here
a mapper (dac3) for 3.4 is available here

dac 2

Specifications FOR DAC 3

• Fast USB 2.0 plug'n'play connection.

• 3U standard, 19" rackmount unit.

• MIDI compatible.

• Easy to use interface for any DJ.

• Looks, feels and operates just like any standard dual CD Player.

• One button beat match.

• One touch looping.

• Slider control for Pitch and Volume.

• 'Mix now' button for smooth cross fade into the next track.

• Single button instant reverse.

• One touch direct cue point access.

• Play, sample or loop in reverse.

• One touch complete effects control.

• Create loops and cue points on the fly - perfectly synced every time!

• Clear displays for players A and B.

• True instant start - no delay!

• Jog wheel to search & load songs in the recordcase and set cue points.

• Lockable Pitch for both players - ensures rock-solid sync every time!

• No need for mouse or keyboard.

• 12 volt UK power supply.

Next generation digital audio controller!

Our brand new DAC-3 is a high-end, rackmountable 19" hardware control unit, designed by and purpose-built for today's working DJ. In fact, the DAC-3 is just as impressive when used by any live performer, looking to exploit the latest in digital mixing software technology!

Plugging straight into your PC or laptop via any standard USB connection, the DAC-3 gives DJs the ultimate in rock-solid, real-time feel - with lightning fast results. And now with the exciting addition of industry-standard MIDI support, the DAC-3 is ready to go with any MIDI compatible software - straight out of the box!

So, whether it's a digital DJ program or Live Sequencing application, the DAC-3 will finally give you all the hands-on tools needed to make your set the professional performance it was always meant to be - without the need for a clumsy keyboard or mouse.

Take a bold step into the future. With super cool, blue LCDs and that now unmistakable PCDJ look and feel, the new DAC-3 controller is the ultimate solution for any seasoned or aspiring digital performer.

Key Features:

• Successor to the massively popular DAC-2.

• Suitable for any user of MIDI-compatible digital mixing, live performance or music production software (PCDJ, Ableton Live, ..).

• Larger 3U design, for even greater hands-on control.

• USB 2.0 connection with still faster response times.

• Distinctive & cool, twin Blue LCDs.

• In research & development for over 12 months

D Vinyl Control

Product Description
Vinyl, MP3 files, CD’s, turntables, and digital effects, DJ’s want to use them all and with the new Soundgraph D-Vinyl 2020 you can! That’s because the D-Vinyl 2020 is a complete hardware AND software package that combines a full blown 3-rack space DJ controller with mixer, dual jog wheels, slider and switch controls, and an integrated USB sound card with all the interface software needed to play MP3 files, CD’s, and even your favorite records.

Here’s the deal; the D-Vinyl has 3 Playing Modes: Digital Vinyl Mode allows you to play and control MP3 files stored on your computer’s Hard Drive with conventional turntables or CD players and use all your performance moves like CUEing, backCUEing, scratching, fast/slow spinning, etc. MP3 Mode allows you to play and control MP3 files right from the 2020 controller without having to use a mouse or keyboard (up to 99 songs in each playlist). Analog Vinyl Mode lets you control your turntables and CD players and play your vinyl or CD collection using only the hardware controller just like in a conventional turntable/CD setup.

The D-Vinyl is compatible with Windows 98SE, 2000, ME, and XP so there is no need to install Linux or another operating system into your computer. All software features (play, pitch shift, beat sync, cue, loop (20cues and 20 loops per MP3), edit, track search, search/load while playing, and much more can be accessed directly by the controller so you can keep spinning instead of typing. 6 pair RCA inputs with dual phono preamps, Type A and B USB ports. See, you can have it all!

D-Vinyl2020™ H/W is a latest dual CD player type controller for the whole operation of S/W and the interface device to connect with computer and the current DJ devices like turntables and mixer. No necessary to use keyboard or mouse during your gig. All the controls with Jog wheel, Buttons, Sliders and LCD display in D-Vinyl2020™ H/W. Without turn-table or CD player, D-Vinyl2020™ H/W works also as a stand alone controller for the remix of MP3.

D-Vinyl2020™ software provides 3 applications: Dual MP3 Player™, Playlist Editor™, MP3 Editor™.

Major functions of D-Vinyl2020™ are Spin MP3 with Turntable or the latest CD player



Pitch Controls by +/-8%, +/-12%, +/-25% or +/-100%

Never Shock or Skip

Saving 20 CUE/LOOP points per Each MP3 File

Recording your remix as .wav in real-time

Professional [2IN/4OUT] USB Internal Soundcard

Playing Normal Vinyl

D-Vinyl™ Record
The record has a special frequency signal in the groove in order to receive the dynamics of the turntable for the control of MP3s from your HDD like scratching. So, you can put this specially designed digital vinyl on your normal turntable, with a normal needle, then you can play MP3 in D-Vinyl2020™ software with the real touch of vinyl. Also with the Audio CD supplied by D-Vinyl2020™, you can connect the CD Player with D-Vinyl hardware like the CDJ1000 to control MP3 with your CD player. If you put normal vinyl on your turntable instead of this Digital Vinyl, you can also play it under the Analog Vinyl Mode in D-Vinyl2020™ hardware.
Technical Info
System Requirements
OS: Windows 98SE, ME, 2000 and XP

CPU: Pentium III 550 MHz or higher (Recommended Pentium III 866 MHz or higher, and Pentium IV 1.4 Ghz or higher for XP users)

RAM: 128 Mb or higher

HDD: 30 MB for install S/W, additional space for MP3 store

USB: More than one port.

Highly recommended: Intel and VIA USB Host Controller

Sound Card: No Sound Card needed (D-Vinyl H/W has dual USB SoundCard)

Graphic Card: More than 1024 x 768 resolution

DirectX: DirectX 8.1 or higher

Mapper 3.4:

NU04 midi mixer

“The NUO4 mixer from Ecler is a professional mixer that can control VirtualDJ directly, thanks to its MIDI commands.
It is of great interest to DJs who mix video, since its crossfader will also control VirtualDJ's video crossfader.”

This controller is a mixer in its own right which can sync with the software while you mix

“This revolutionary 4 channel mixer featuring control of external devices via MIDI, allows deejays to play software live in a natural and intuitive manner. This remote controller features 72 different MIDI messages, which can be fully programmed to your choice and customized later on with an innovative label print system.
The NUO4 concentrates to control of a computer in a traditional mixer and so allows laptops to coexist at deejay booths with turntables and CD decks, so bringing deejays an open window to the future of live music mixing and production...”
Mapper for 4.1

samples mixer

The UC33e gives you a set of 9 faders that will reveal the true power of the new sample machine of Virtual DJ.
All the knobs and buttons can also be assigned as midi shortcuts to drive any function you want in VirtualDJ.”

So you can fire of samples at the touch of a button

Which controller is right for me ?

you need to consider your pc specifications :

(the more ram you have and the faster processor the better these controllers will operate)

you need to consider the cost :

if you are on a tight budget and you’re a home user get a dm2 and use 3.4 or even better an herc mp3 control console

if you are a pro user on a tight budget get the mk2 It’s a dependable platform for time code it’s a good soundcard and a stable midi mixer

if you are a pro user on a slightly generous budget

get two xp10s or a DAC 3

example xp 10 and and dac 3

example dac 3 system
if you are looking for sample control get the uc33 mix table and another controller dac 3 or xp10 maybe

if you want the control in a more traditional form on a mixer get the NU04 or if you want to mix video

if you want a very advanced control system and a time code

get the D-vinyl control

The End

I hope this guide proves useful I will be adding extra information as I discover it :)

If you need help

This is also an msn address

This is todays guide more will follow 2 morrow or later today :)

Mensajes Wed 15 Nov 06 @ 3:45 pm
NiemsPRO InfinityMember since 2006
I have searched everywhere, but I cannot find a store that sells the D-Vinyl controller. Any help?

All the stores i find are old discontinued archives

Mensajes Wed 15 Nov 06 @ 7:48 pm
sbangsPRO InfinityMember since 2004
il have a looksey for you

have u tried ebay :)

Mensajes Wed 15 Nov 06 @ 8:15 pm

Mensajes Wed 15 Nov 06 @ 8:22 pm
sbangsPRO InfinityMember since 2004
nice one :)

Mensajes Wed 15 Nov 06 @ 9:04 pm
l_ridsPRO InfinityMember since 2003
Looks like someone is moving closer towards VIP status ;)

Mensajes Wed 15 Nov 06 @ 9:21 pm
xeonPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2004
good one ;) maybe a sticky?

Mensajes Thu 16 Nov 06 @ 9:40 am
sbangsPRO InfinityMember since 2004
its a sticky in the main guides section :)

will add bcd2000 info soon:)

Mensajes Thu 16 Nov 06 @ 10:26 am
Very good job. Not to nitpic, but a couple of times you say DAC 3, but show a DAC 2.

Mensajes Fri 17 Nov 06 @ 12:39 am
sbangsPRO InfinityMember since 2004
oopsi lol

Mensajes Fri 17 Nov 06 @ 11:27 am
NiemsPRO InfinityMember since 2006
Thanks hey juliocqb!!

Just out of interest, does anyone know if the D-vinyl controller is more advanced than the DAC-3? That website gives it a crap rating. Guess the DAC is more frequently updated in terms of its mappers and stuff

Mensajes Fri 17 Nov 06 @ 1:23 pm
The d-vinyl 2020 is discontinued. You probably could find it second hand. But I would get the dac 3. The is a very good mapper for the dac 3 (thanks to jpboggins). The is not a mapper for the d-vinyl.
I use the d-vinyl on most of my gigs and I like it very much.
I dont like second hand dj gear so if I didn't had it, I would buy a dac3.
If you don't need an 19Inch especially, I would go for the Numark iCDX.

Little correction. It is not possible to use the VDJ time code vinyls with the builtin sound card of the d-vinyl 2020. This controller has just 2 inputs. These are used mono with the d-vinyl time code vinyls. But you don't have needle drop in mono. If you would use timecode with a 19Inch controller, you probably better could go for the Dac3


Mensajes Fri 17 Nov 06 @ 3:04 pm
Hey sky don't forget to add the X-Session as it is a great midi mixer/tool.

Mensajes Sat 18 Nov 06 @ 1:12 am
sbangsPRO InfinityMember since 2004
il do some research on it :) thankies :)

Mensajes Sat 18 Nov 06 @ 1:13 am
rice4uHome userMember since 2004
out of curiousity, has anyone ever tried the dm2 mapper? cuz i've download it and it seemed kinda complicated. does it actually work?

Mensajes Sat 18 Nov 06 @ 7:29 am
sbangsPRO InfinityMember since 2004
it works for me its for 3.4 only

contact me and il help you msn :

Mensajes Sat 18 Nov 06 @ 11:50 am
What do you think about the Allen & Heath XONE 3D for Virtual DJ ?

Mensajes Sun 19 Nov 06 @ 1:28 am
sbangsPRO InfinityMember since 2004
there isnt a mapper yet

but if u make an xml file it should be amazing

its a wonderful bit of kit from what iv seen :)

Mensajes Sun 19 Nov 06 @ 1:40 am
NiemsPRO InfinityMember since 2006
Superstom, I have found a place that sells new ones.

There is a mapper for it in the downloads section, do you use it?

And also, I dont need the soundcard built into it at all. I already have a U46DJ for all of that

Mensajes Sun 19 Nov 06 @ 10:31 am
Mapper? I must have missed it. I will download it, try it and post the results. Thanks for this tip.

Could you post the information about this "place" or send it in a private message? I would like to have another one for my small setup and one spare unit.

The soundcard is ok for output. I use this output when I do not use timecode. If I use timecode I use a Maya usb. I will upgrade to a Rme Fireface 400 soon.

If you already have a proper sound card already or not use timecode, then the D vinyl 2020 is a good controller. The jogs work very accurate and good and the buttons also work pretty good.


Mensajes Sun 19 Nov 06 @ 4:23 pm