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Are there any plans to make the serato sl1 box compatible with the mac version of Virtual DJ?

Mensajes Mon 02 Apr 07 @ 4:12 am
I'll get back to you shortly on that.

From what I understand, it was Yes at first, then No, then Maybe, so now I don't know what the final word is.

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Mensajes Mon 02 Apr 07 @ 5:59 am
k_onePRO InfinityMember since 2006
Seeing that it works with VDJ/VV/CUE on PC means that it wouldn't take to much effort to make it work on the Mac. Of course, if they have other reasons for not making it work then it's another matter ;)

Mensajes Mon 02 Apr 07 @ 12:30 pm
They should make sure its compatible with the Serato box as alot of bars/nightclubs have it built into their systems.

Mensajes Mon 02 Apr 07 @ 6:05 pm
I was banking on mac vdj to be compatible with the serato soundcard. It doesn't make sense to me for vdj to make the pc version compatible but not the mac version. I say this because vdj could make alot of money off current serato/mac djs who are looking to convert to videos, like myself. I would hate to have to buy a new soundcard and have my luxurious $400 serato box sit under my bed and collect dust.

Mensajes Mon 02 Apr 07 @ 8:17 pm

The mac version is all brand new, so not everything is supported yet;)
Lets wait and see....

Mensajes Mon 02 Apr 07 @ 9:06 pm
CHARL1E F1VE wrote :
They should make sure its compatible with the Serato box as alot of bars/nightclubs have it built into their systems.

That's been my argument since I first heard that they might be pulling that compatability feature.

It's TOTAL suicide for the adoption of VDJ/VV in the vast majority of clubs that already have integrated SSL.


Mensajes Mon 02 Apr 07 @ 11:54 pm
I think we ALL might be a little confused on this one. My understanding was that the Atomix version would have wide support and that the Numark version may have less support. Maybe someone who knows the exact answer can clarify.

Mensajes Tue 03 Apr 07 @ 1:38 am
check it out i have virtual dj ,numark cue,professional, serato video and the serat mixer is not compadable but the scratch box for serato is compadable with virtual dj but why isnt the mixer? by the way nothing touches virtual dj as far videos only problem i have is trying to get the text down loads from the website to work with vista any sugestions?

Mensajes Sun 14 Jun 09 @ 12:29 pm
abnormPRO InfinityMember since 2003
Are you saying that Serato SL1 is now compatible with VDJ on Macs?

Mensajes Fri 03 Jul 09 @ 10:11 pm
sbangsPRO InfinityMember since 2004
Its more a question of the SL1 not being compatible it has no core audio drivers so it will only work in Serato.

Mensajes Sat 04 Jul 09 @ 2:04 pm