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Novation - Launchpad Mini MK3  


The Novation LaunchPad Mini MK3 is offering 2 separate Midi sub-devices as seen in Controllers tab of VirtualDJ.
When the Session mode (default) is selected from the top buttons, the device operates as explained in the previous manual pages. The 2nd (Standalone) device is defined with all the Keys and Leds, but not assigned to any VDJ action. It is meant to be used with VirtualDJ and create your own custom Mapping , or set to Ignore in order to use this device with a 3rd party software such as a DMX lighting application.

The functionality of the Standalone device is offered when the device is set to one of the Custom mode buttons Drums, Keys and User.

Below is an example of custom Mapping for PAD 1 assigned to control the slip mode of Deck 1, when the device is set to USER mode (last button of the top buttons)

Notes for Custom modes.
- All 3 Custom modes (Drums, Keys and User) correspond to the Standalone device.
- The order of Pads in the Custom modes may be different. The numbers of the buttons are selected based on the order the buttons have in User mode, but may differ from the ones the other modes offer. E.g. PAD_1_1 (top-left) when in User mode will not be top-left in the other 2 modes. Therefore it is preferred to use the User mode for your custom Mapping

The image below is showing the Standalone device set to Ignore, in case you need to use this device with a 3rd party application

Note: In case of setting a device to Ignore, not action will be triggered from this device, even if there is an assigned action to any key.

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