djreels escribió en Mon 03 Apr 17
Hey Is it possible to help me setup the audio configuration for my Traktor Z2 mixer?
silverfox4562 escribió en Wed 15 Jun 16
Please keep me posted. I appreciate your help with Shazam in Windows 10 re Explorer. Thank you.
wickedmix escribió en Fri 04 Dec 15
thx Loco .. i don't mind helping out where i can
locodog escribió en Tue 01 Dec 15
You're well worthy of an extra star or too, keep up the good work!
the SOUND INSURGENT escribió en Sun 22 Nov 15
Hey Thanks for the add bro!!
music234 escribió en Fri 04 Sep 15
Thanks for this blog ;o)
wickedmix escribió en Mon 13 Apr 15
Thanks maybe it can help some folks out
locodog escribió en Sat 11 Apr 15
Good research on the tags.