Create Virtual Folder

A virtual folder is a special folder that exists only in the VirtualDJ database. They allow you to organise your music library without moving the actual songs on your hard disk or creating duplicate files.

A song can be added to multiple filter folders (E.g: 80's and Party), but there will only be one actual file on your hard disk, saving disk space.

To create a virtual folder:

  • Click on the red + folder icon at the top of the folders list in the VirtualDJ browser.

  • Enter a name for the virtual folder in the Name box, e.g: Party

  • Find the songs that you want to add to it in your music library (By searching or navigating to the folder(s) where they are located), then drag and drop them into the virtual folder.

  • To remove a song from a virtual folder, right-click on it and choose the option to remove it. This will remove it from the filter folder only. It will not delete the actual song from your hard disk and you will still be able to find the song when searching or if you browse to the actual folder on your hard disk where it is located.

IMPORTANT: When removing songs from your playlist or sidelist, make sure that you don't drag them back to the main song list window if you currently have virtual folder selected. If you do this, then the song will be added to the virtual folder, which may result in unwanted or inappropriate songs in the virtual folder. Please see: Songs keep appearing in my virtual folders that shouldn't be there, e.g: There are rock songs in my R'n'B folder

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