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Plugin SDK v8 - What's new ?

All plugins
  • A parameter has a short name, which can be shown below the slider when limited space is available for the full parameter name
  • Parameters are floating point and range from 0.0f to 1.0f
  • OnGetParameterString() can be implemented to return the value of the parameter as a string. So instead of just 0% to 100%, you can show something more meaningful about what this means such as frequency, dB gain, some name of an enum...
  • Between not creating your own GUI at all and drawing it yourself with HWND, you can now create your own GUI as if it were a skin by supplying graphics and xml file

There are 2 types, buffered that work on the original audio buffer of the song before pitching, and regular, which operate on the output after pitching.
  • Effects now work in 32-bit float, ranging between -1.0f and +1.0f
  • Effects are applied before the limiter, so it is not required to clip the samples yourself.
  • SongPosBeats is available to give more options for bpm-aware plugins. 0 is the first beat.
  • SampleRate is available, since the audio engine is no longer fixed to 44.1 khz

  • SongPosBeats is also available here to make your video effects beat-aware
  • Optionally, OnAudioSamples can be implemented to have your video effect operate on the sound
  • It is possible to create Transition Effects that work on multiple decks

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