Decks inverted on MIDI controller

Q. My MIDI controller controls the wrong decks in VirtualDJ

With two single-deck controllers (E.g: Pioneer CDJ-400) or sometimes with dual-deck controllers (E.g: Numark MixDeck) you may find that the decks are inverted, so that the left deck controls the right and vice-versa.

Or with single deck controllers, you may find that both control the same deck in VirtualDJ (E.g: Deck 1)

To resolve, please do either of the following:

  • Press the EJECT button (If it has one) on one of the decks to switch it to the correct deck.

  • Go to CONFIG -> Mappers, click on the button to the right of the drop-down list and choose the option to assign controllers. Make sure each controller is assigned to the correct deck(s) of your choice.

    NOTE: If this option is not available, change the skin (CONFIG -> Skins) to a 4 deck skin (You can change it back to a 2 deck skin again afterwards.)

NOTE: If you have two or more single-deck controllers with LCD display screens and find that these show the information for the wrong deck, then make sure that you have the latest version of VirtualDJ Pro installed - Early versions of VirtualDJ v7 had a bug with displays on single deck controllers.

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