Delay after performing a backspin

When spinning the jogwheel in reverse, it will be held automatically by the software until the jogwheel stops moving to allow you to perform a manual backspin, otherwise it would stop scratching the instant that you release the jogwheel. You would get a short backspin sound followed by pitch bending for the rest of the movement. To see what we mean, try performing a manual forward spin.

In order for it to detect the jogwheel has stopped moving (To stop applying the hold for the backspin), there will be a very short delay.

In VirtualDJ v7 and earlier this feature cannot be disabled. To avoid the delay, make sure that you always release the jogwheel on the forward movement when scratching.

In VirtualDJ v8, you can optionally turn off touchWheelBackspin in advanced options, but this will mean that you can no-longer perform manual backspins.

You can also adjust rampScratchTime which gives a more vinyl-like feel when releasing the jogwheel (The song quickly ramps back up to speed like the motor of a vinyl record player instead of instantly starting.) Set this to a lower value for a more quicker start, e.g: 0.5, 0.25 or even 0.0 for instant start.

There is also a touchWheelForwardspin option in VirtualDJ v8 that allows manual forward spins to be performed. Just like the touchWheelBackspin option, there will be a short delay after you release the jogwheel. If you are a scratch DJ, then you should not enable this option otherwise it may adversely affect your performance due to the delay after you release the jogwheel.

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