I hear a small snippet of audio when I start song playback

Q. I hear a small snippet of audio when I start song playback

This is a limitation of using timecode and commonly occurs when you have been playing the song and then hit CUE to return back to the cue point that you have set on the CD player.

As above, VirtualDJ does not know yet that the song position has changed, so when you hit PLAY again, the song will start initially playing for a very short time from the previous position. As soon as it receives a new timecode, it will jump back to the cue point and continue playing from there.

This will result in a small snippet of the previous audio playing. If you stopped the song on a drum beat and the cue point is also set on a similar drum beat, then this may not be noticeable.

However, if you stopped it on a drum beat or vocal and the cue point is set on a quieter or dissimilar section of the song, this may result in a noticeable 'hickup'.

To avoid this problem, after pressing CUE, tap it again to momentarily play a short clip of audio at the cue point. This should be enough for the software to receive the new timecode and update the song position.

MIDI controllers do not have from this limitation because the software knows exactly which button that you pressed and can act appropriately.

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