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Professional edition user
Mensajes Wed 22 Dec 10 @ 6:38 pm
I saw a friend using Luma Key with Serato and thought it looked badass. I searched all over and cannot find a plugin for VDJ that does this. I like how it wasn't a very noticeable trans (I hate all the blocky over the top transitions). Would anyone be able to create a plugin for this transition? I dont have a clue how to do it but I might be able to through you a lil cash if you could do it. Or if I'm off my rocker and some how missed it feel free to flame the hell out of me, as long as i get my trans. Thanks!


Ultra-VIP Member
Mensajes Wed 22 Dec 10 @ 6:48 pm
Here are some free frame effects for video, there might be 1 that your looking for in there.



Atomix Productions
Mensajes Wed 22 Dec 10 @ 7:41 pm
He wants a transition, not an effect. I believe I know the style of transition you're talking about, and I can possibly look into it in the new year.

Got an example video?


Ultra-VIP Member
Mensajes Wed 22 Dec 10 @ 7:51 pm
Well either way if hes doing video he should have tis pack because there are nice dont agree??



Atomix Productions
Mensajes Thu 23 Dec 10 @ 4:17 am
I agree that having more effects at your disposal can be useful. I don't tend to use masses of them personally, but my point was just that he was looking for a transition not an effect. A small but important distinction IMHO.


Professional edition user
Mensajes Thu 23 Dec 10 @ 9:01 pm
not to discredit any of you's (my friends) but sounds more like he 's just using the term transitions as meaning the way the effect behaves and how fast it change its "transitions" (patterns)...right? ...BTW...Merry X-max guys!


No license user
Mensajes Sat 15 Jan 11 @ 8:34 pm
Here is a video of what a luma key does, basically it takes the black out and allows you to run the other video through the black. there is a Chroma Key that works with blue or green and produces the same effect. So in text if I have a video playing, and hit the luma key I can then use the luma key fader to set the level. the more I turn it the more black it grabs, (working through the spectrum from black to white.) with a Chroma key it starts with either blue or green and works only through the blue or green spectrum. Most video boards have this and Idk why VDJ has not included it.

here is the video


Ultra-VIP Member
Firetext Representative
Mensajes Sun 16 Jan 11 @ 1:21 pm

You can find this effect in DJCel's show logo named alpha mask and also in Firetexts image tab for single and multible images called colorkey, both will give you the luma key effect, only Firetexts Movie function of placing a video over another video then using the luma key effect will it be possible to see one video through another, the other two will only work on images.


Professional edition user
Mensajes Sat 07 May 11 @ 12:36 pm
This is something that ive seen and alot of the "Top End" video djs use this plugin to drop audio sample with visuals over the top. the luma key means that with a black background you can have coloured text pop over the top of your playing video file.

As a transition or a plugin this would be a great addition to vdj


Ultra-VIP Member
Firetext Representative
Mensajes Sat 07 May 11 @ 7:39 pm
Just go and get the free Firetext plugin and use the robot for the movie tab... sorted.

Or use the 3 or 4 decks skin, and gently fade in the video slider over the top, then bring in audio when ready.

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