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I am sorry to add a new topic when it has clearly been brought up before but I searched for about two hours and could not find a fix to my problem and became easily frustrated. I recently bought a Mixtrack Pro and everything works great except my headphones do not work with it.

My issue: I want to be able to plug my headphones into the Headphone jack and hear a cued song through them.

My sound setup:

Input: None
Output: Headphones - Master 1&2, Headphones 3&4
Soundcard: Numark

I have tested the headphones with iPod etc and they work great, but when I plug them into the Mixtrack Pro they do not work.

I have made sure that all settings on the deck/laptop are correctly adjusted so that I would be able to hear sound through the headphones. I have tried adjusting Gain A, Master, and Gain B to try to notice a sound from the headphones, with no luck. I have also tried adjusting the Cue Gain and Cue Mix knobs, and the cross fader, with no luck. I also made sure that nothing on my laptop was set to Mute or low volume.

Everything I use appears to have the most recent update. I am using Windows 7 on a Toshiba laptop, with M-Audio speakers plugged into the back of the Mixtrack Pro through the Master 1&2 outputs. The only things I have plugged into my laptop are the Mixtrack Pro and a Logitech USB for a wireless mouse.

I do not know what else to do. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Mensajes Fri 03 Feb 12 @ 7:27 pm
TimtccHome userMember since 2012
I'm having the same problem as you man. And like you i came here for answers and got frustrated searching haha. I've been thinking that the controller it self could be defected because I can hear the electronics making the connection to my headphones when I plug them in, but thn no sound. I'll continue the search to fix this problem and post back here if I figure it out.

Mensajes Sat 04 Feb 12 @ 10:11 am
That would be great if you could post a fix if you find one. I am so annoyed! I really dont want to have to send this back to get it fixed.

Mensajes Sat 04 Feb 12 @ 12:32 pm
Try adjusting the CUE GAIN knob in the middle of the MixTrack. This controls headphone volume.

Also, try adjusting the CUE MIX knob - This controls the mix between the pre-listened deck and master output.

Check that you have also selected a deck to listen to via the CUE buttons above the volume sliders.

Mensajes Sat 04 Feb 12 @ 12:39 pm
I have tried all those things. No luck =(

Mensajes Sat 04 Feb 12 @ 6:48 pm
Inputs: None

Outputs:Headphone [Deck 1: Chan 1&2 / Headphones: Chan 3&4]

Plug headphones in front, and speakers in output 1 in the back of the mixer.

Mensajes Mon 12 Mar 12 @ 1:19 pm
blckjckPRO InfinityMember since 2008
You can check the cue output by moving your RCA cables to your speakers from Output 1 to Output 2, and see if there is output. Move the cue gain and cue mix to mid position. Play a track in both decks.

If you check the headphones on an iPod, is there a way you can check the 1/4 to 1/8 inch adapter you use to hook them up to the Mixtrack?

Mensajes Mon 12 Mar 12 @ 3:13 pm
1/8 adapter? I do not know what this means. Perhaps this is my issue. I got a cheap($50) set of Skullcandy headphones to use with the mixtrack. Do I need to get an adapter that plugs into my headphones?

Mensajes Fri 27 Apr 12 @ 2:09 pm
1/8 is a 3,5 mm headphone plug, where 1/4 is a 6,3 mm headphoneplug.

Mensajes Fri 27 Apr 12 @ 3:17 pm
Yeah as it turns out that was the issue. $6 adapter changes everything! Thanks for all the help.

Mensajes Sat 28 Apr 12 @ 1:53 pm
so my midi controller is hooked up to my laptop, but zero sound is coming out, however when i unplug the midi, there is sound
is this due to a lack of headphones problem?

Please respond to asap, im playing at a club tonight, and i need to fix this problem as Soon as possible

Mensajes Sat 15 Dec 12 @ 2:02 pm
don't know if this is too late for some people but i've just this minute found this out.
Now, i am using VDJ 8 on windows XP and after playing about with the settings, set the headphones to channels 5&6 and not 3&4 and apply.

Hope this helps.

Mensajes Fri 05 Jun 15 @ 6:19 pm
GazleeHome userMember since 2012
I'm having the same problem. This is my audio setup on windows 7...

Master - mixtrack pro - channel 1&2
Headphones - mixtrack pro - channel 3&4

Numark mixtrack pro


RCA lead into output 1 conceded to my amp and speakers.

No sound at all from headphones! !!! I press the cue buttons but get nothing.....

Please help!

Mensajes Sun 16 Apr 17 @ 11:01 pm
This thread is old, so which Mixtrack Pro are you using? Which version of Virtual DJ at you using 7, 8.2, which build number?

Mensajes Mon 17 Apr 17 @ 6:11 am
From another thread...

djdad wrote :
The Audio setup for Mixtrack Pro 3 should be ..
Master .... Mixtrack Audio (or similar name) WASAPI ... Chans 1,2
Headphones .... Mixtrack Audio (or similar name) WASAPI .. Chans 3,4

If you don't get any sound in Headphones...
- make sure the CUE/Headphones Volume is high enough.
- make sure the Mixtrack Audio interface is not the default playback device of your OS
- make sure it's set to quadrophonic (4 Speakers) mode.


Mensajes Mon 17 Apr 17 @ 9:38 am
GazleeHome userMember since 2012

I'm using a mixtrack pro 1 with vdj 8.2 infinity.... it's really starting to bug me now!!!

Mensajes Mon 17 Apr 17 @ 1:15 pm
You're listed as a home user, if you have Pro Infinity please register your software. What is the build number, located in the lower left corner of the configuration panel, as v.8.2 bxxxx?

Mensajes Mon 17 Apr 17 @ 8:08 pm
Mine is the Numark party mix and I noticed that when I plug in the controller the sound goes away , may be we need to pay the 40 something to unlock the controller and that's going to solve the problem.

Mensajes Sun 02 Jul 17 @ 8:23 am
Thanks Its working :D

Mensajes Fri 07 Jul 17 @ 1:30 pm
Shato Lopez wrote :
Mine is the Numark party mix and I noticed that when I plug in the controller the sound goes away , may be we need to pay the 40 something to unlock the controller and that's going to solve the problem.

Isn't it because the controller takes over, and is now the sound card - so that you need to attach a speaker system and headphones to the unit, and not use the laptops soundcard/speakers/headphone output?

That being said you do need a license.
VDJ will only work with any controller for a 10 min test periode until you get a license

Mensajes Fri 07 Jul 17 @ 1:58 pm