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Tema: DRM support

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vdbocPRO (legacy)Member since 2013
Now that version 8.2 is released, I must ask the same question I asked when versions 8.0 and 8.1 were released...

Does version 8.2 yet support DRM playback?

VirtualDJ 7.4 and all previous versions play DRM music files. Version 8.0 came out and it did not. Atomix said that they would try to fix this before version 8.1. But version 8.1 finally came out and still did not fix this.

Has this matter now been fixed? In other words, does Version 8.2, at long last, allow for playing of DRM files?

Mensajes Tue 07 Jun 16 @ 4:14 am
SBDJPRO Infinity Member since 2006
No, external DRM protected files are not supported.

Mensajes Tue 07 Jun 16 @ 8:13 am

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