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Tema: deezer
hi all I use deezer on vdj8 at home so the little lad can have a play about on it but its came up with you need a premium + account whitch I have cause I pay 9.99 a month for it. this is the second time its happened now the first time it just cleared. any body had the same issue. thatnks chris

Mensajes Sun 14 Jan 18 @ 10:47 am
Having the same problem. Tired logging out and in and restarting VDJ multiple times. Open for suggestions.

Found the solution (at least for me). Deezer only allows for one device to play music at a time. So if you have Deezer open in your browser or the mobile app, it won't play. After I closed my browser window it worked.

Mensajes Sat 17 Feb 18 @ 1:43 pm
Deezer works not with VDJ 8 when you have the 30 Testdays not End.
You cant log in in Deezer.

After the Testdays the Deezer Premium + should Work fine.


Mensajes Mon 19 Feb 18 @ 3:08 am