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Tema: Best shaders from ShaderToy - Page: 2
Why do you need to use older versions?

Mensajes Thu 07 Jun 18 @ 1:52 pm
bigron1 wrote :
For .shader files to play in older versions of vdj we need a suitable plugin. The .dll part of the native shader plugin is incorporated in vdj.exe. That's a bit of a disappointment. I had hoped to try it this weekend.

The compatibility with webGL shaders from shaderToy is a complicated integration, it's not just a simple plugin (even though it's presented as one in the interface to keep things intuitive).
Also, VirtualDJ 2018 was built on top of the VirtualDJ 8 code, it's not a complete rewrite like VirtualDJ 8 was from VirtualDJ 7. It just added new features, so it's perfectly safe and as stable as it was before.
There should be no reason for you not to upgrade to VirtualDJ 2018 once it is officially released.

Mensajes Thu 07 Jun 18 @ 4:10 pm

Mensajes Thu 07 Jun 18 @ 7:35 pm
Is anyone else having problems with it crashing your browser / No WebGL enabled in your browser. Shadertoy will load static content only.

It's a nightmare site for crashing

Mensajes Thu 07 Jun 18 @ 8:01 pm
groovindj wrote :
In your playlist, this one (Colored Steam) is apparently not compatible with Virtual DJ.

This one is really pin sharp on the Shadertoy site, but pixelated and blocky in VDJ. Anyone know why?

Another with problems in VDJ - runs fine on the site, but in VDJ gives a large black rectangle with the effect only at the edges.

this one is working fine for me

maybe depends on your video card?

i have had some not work though

Mensajes Thu 07 Jun 18 @ 8:10 pm
Same PC & card. Shadertoy = sharp. VDJ = blocky.

Mensajes Thu 07 Jun 18 @ 8:20 pm
bigron1PRO InfinityMember since 2010
The GPU is critical. On a very old Core2Duo 2.4ghz with onboard graphics only 3 of the .shader files run properly. Some crashed while others ran at a low frame rate. Those files which crashed vdj 2018 can be deleted resulting in an old working system. However on an i5 2.8ghz 3rd gen with onboard graphics all ran well.

There is an option to run low, mid, high and also auto video quality. The default setting is auto.

Mensajes Thu 07 Jun 18 @ 11:03 pm
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
groovindj wrote :
Same PC & card. Shadertoy = sharp. VDJ = blocky.

With some "heavy" Shaders, the size of the Video Output matters. So while the Shader is shown smooth in a small preview in Shadertoy web page, it may not be the same in VirtualDJ when the Video Output is set at Full HD.
Also while you test more Shaders, have the Shadertoy webpage closed in your Internet Browser (or at least have the Shader preview paused), or else your GPU will be doing the job twice

Mensajes Thu 07 Jun 18 @ 11:14 pm
bigron1PRO InfinityMember since 2010
How do you download shader files from
I can see the code but don't know what to do with it and I cannot see a download button.

It's ok.. I've got it now.

For others: Go to and view the effect. Copy the URL of it's webpage. In the VDJ 2018 shader panel/gui enter this URL and click the download button. Easy !

Mensajes Fri 08 Jun 18 @ 6:40 am
djtouchdan wrote :
Blacksheep doesn't offer the video effects drop down. Largely because this skin was developed prior to it existing.

I may look at updating the skin, but it more likely something NEW might be coming soon!!

In the mean time you can use one of the custom buttons at the top and code it to "video_fx_select" like the screen shop below:

Thank You DJTouchDan. I configured a custom button (had 1 left) as you suggested and it works GREAT!!!. I really like these "Shaders" as they pulse with the beat of the music.

Now moving on to figuring out how to download off their website. There is a request above me that I'm watching for the answer.


Also since you suggested you might be releasing a new BlackSheep Skin, please allow me to suggest a few things.

Change "Loop Select" with the arrows to actual buttons. Loop In and Loop out buttons can be shrunk considerably. Get rid of the 3 HOT CUE buttons as the five on the side are plenty... for more real estate for Loop select buttons. 1/8,1/4,1/2, 3/4,1,2,4,8,16,32

Please more Custom Buttons. Another row above the center top row of 9 for 9 more.

How about a way to reduce the Effects section boxes. You can see from my picture above that the Effects I use take up a lot of room It would be great to be able to change the sizes.

That's about it. I really LOVE your skin. Can't wait for your new release. Thanks from a fan.

Mensajes Fri 08 Jun 18 @ 6:58 am
bigron1PRO InfinityMember since 2010
So.. besides providing video for simple audio files shaders can also "sex up" normal video tracks if they are overlaid and transparent. Geometry is such an example. We need to work together to find more as it is not clear which are transparent.

There might also be a slight problem with playing two shaders at the same time wasting computer resources. If the option related to playing a shader automatically to acompany a simple audio file is on and also the gui shader button is on then two run simultaneously?

Mensajes Fri 08 Jun 18 @ 7:33 am
JimmyL-DJ wrote :

Now moving on to figuring out how to download off their website. There is a request above me that I'm watching for the answer.

VideoFX > Shader > Config > Download More

Then enter the URL from the shadertoy website.

Mensajes Fri 08 Jun 18 @ 8:59 am
djdad wrote :
while the Shader is shown smooth in a small preview in Shadertoy web page, it may not be the same in VirtualDJ when the Video Output is set at Full HD

No, it was the other way around actually.

The effect was sharp & clear on Shadertoy, and I could run it full screen (1920x1080) with no problems.

Put it in VDJ and no matter the size of the video window, the result was similar to YouTube at 240p.

Mensajes Fri 08 Jun 18 @ 4:59 pm
I like watching funny cat videos on Youtube at 240p :)

Mensajes Fri 08 Jun 18 @ 5:10 pm

Mensajes Fri 08 Jun 18 @ 5:20 pm
I like the first two. Thanks!

Mensajes Fri 08 Jun 18 @ 5:30 pm
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
groovindj wrote :
djdad wrote :
while the Shader is shown smooth in a small preview in Shadertoy web page, it may not be the same in VirtualDJ when the Video Output is set at Full HD

No, it was the other way around actually.

The effect was sharp & clear on Shadertoy, and I could run it full screen (1920x1080) with no problems.

Put it in VDJ and no matter the size of the video window, the result was similar to YouTube at 240p.

Can you point one from Shadertoy that behaves like this ?

Also, what is your Video card ?

Mensajes Fri 08 Jun 18 @ 7:19 pm
As mentioned earlier in the thread

It's OK now. I solved it by changing some VDJ settings. It looks sharp now but the frame rate has slowed.

I don't DJ with this PC anyway. I'm downloading shaders from this one and will move them to my laptop later.

Mensajes Fri 08 Jun 18 @ 8:38 pm
acw_djPRO InfinitySenior staffMember since 2005
Hello Guys,

I have some shaders that work in VirtualDJ actually, some are animations some others are cool visualizations... Here the list:

+ ngWaves11
+ Spiral Of Spirals 2
+ Mobius Trans in hyper 3-space
+ Disco Tunnel
+ Voxel Edges
+ Rainbow Showoff
+ Voronoi - distances
+ Dolphin (iq) (need better resolution)
+ Zebrazebra
+ Light & Motion
+ Where the river goes
+ 2D Clouds
+ Spiral of Spirals
+ Abstract Glassy Field
+ Tokyo
+ Perspex Web Lattice
+ Rounded Voxels
+ Abstract Corridor
+ SH16B WIP: Warp Tunnel (display at low detail)
+ Sound Eclipse RPM
+ EgaVga.bgi test
+ Flux Core
+ Geodesic filling
+ Colorful bubbles
+ Winding Merger Tunnel
+ Abstract Plane
+ Heart 2D
+ Demo - Volumetric Lines
+ Angels
+ Water waves drag (low detail, still good)
+ curlesque
+ Transparent Cube Field
+ Apollonian
+ Kaleidoscopic iterative function
+ Not A lifestyle choice
+ Menger Helix
+ No expectations
+ Circle Leneer
+ Tropical Fish
+ Galaxy of Universes
+ Torus Jorney
+ Disk - Intersection
+ Manta Ray
+ rm -f
+ simpler audiotunnel (low detail)
+ Golfing Ether
+ One Pass Varanoi
+ Falling Stars
+ Subluminic (low detail)
+ dancing cubes
+ Full Sceene Radial Blur
+ Flower Matrix
+ The cubitree (low detail)
+ IO
+ Transparent Lattice
+ Fractal Flytrough
+ Doodling #7: Speed
+ Tissue (low detail)
+ Bamboo Cave
+ Fractal Music
+ Synthetic aperture
+ Beneath tge Sea (low detail)
+ gravity field 3d
+ Re fractal land by kali
+ Rainbow assault (low detail, still good)
+ Fancy ties (Starwars battleships)
+ Backing up
+ Polytopes with faces (low detail)
+ Tesla's Laboratory
+ Inverse Interactive (low detail, still good)
+ Dual 3D Trucget Tiles
+ Re Cypher
+ Visualizer #1
- On Stage (black Screen)
+ Elliptical Arc distance
+ Rainbows
+ Christmas Delivery
+ Rotozoom Fractal
+ Fiery spiral
+ Logo Experiment
+ Atmosphere system Test
+ A lot of spheres
+ Lighthouse (low detail)
+ Corridor (low detail)
+ Another Kailset Mod
+ Clickable starfield (low detail)
+ Cave (low detail)
+ Raymarched reaction-diffusion
+ Fractal audio 01
+ Formation from p7120A
+ Candy Tunnel (low detail, not licensed)
+ rainbow flow 2
+ Traced Minkowski Tube
+ Confetti canon (not licensed)
+ S F I K
+ colors and symmetry
+ Abstract Noise
+ Newton thing
+ Noise Animation - Lava
+ simple hexagon raymarch
+ Hexpo
+ Brighton Beach (low detail)
+ Siggraph'15 Workshop (low detail)
+ Cubic truchet Pattern
+ Fractal Thing #2
+ Curvature - Parametric 3D
+ Metaeux - Sunset (low detail)
+ rainbow noise 2
+ Abstract Ballon Flight (low resolution)
+ Warping - texture (low detail, still good)
+ Bokeh Paralax
+ I Love you all (simple hearts draw)
+ The cat is a glitch (Matrix)
+ bouncy boi on the run (low detail)
+ Torus_thing_8 (not licensed)
+ VArigon's Theorem, Projectively (simple lines)
+ Symetric Origins
+ Dry Rocky Gorge
+ Invader's
+ Sample pinning (low detail)
+ 3D Cellular Tiling
+ djmusicball
+ train ride (low detail)
+ 301's fire shader - Remix 3
+ Topologica
+ p6mm kaleidoscope (low detail)
+ Cubic Honeycombs
+ Mobius transformations (simple)
+ Sea at Night (low detail)
+ Maze Lattice
+ Subterranean Fly-though (low detail)
+ Every line is straight (simple)
+ BloOoOoOoOom
+ Warp Speed
+ Water Ripples (low detail, 1/4 displayed)
+ 100000 Pins Valley
+ Modular Times table (simple change color figure)
+ Blocks
+ Ocean structure
+ Ray marched Mesh Terrain (low detail)
+ Industrial complex
+ Random isometric Blocks (simple)
+ Twisted Ladder 2 (simple)
+ kalizyl
+ 2D SDF Toy
+ Jagged Landscape
+ Mobius Weave
+ Buoyant Balls
+ Prism
+ Perpetual Motion Machines
+ Tempting Mariner
+ oOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoO
+ Infinite Yin Yangs 2
+ Mars Jetpack (low detail)
+ Fast Balls
+ Grid based PArticules (simple)
+ Jagged Plain
+ PreAlpha Vector Field v.0.0.7
+ Texture twistery (low detail)
+ FuzzyBrainC (not licensed)
+ Blueprint of the Architekt
+ SmoothLife gliders (black & white)
+ Low Frequency Flow
+ Optical desconstruction 1b (low detail)
+ Banding Gradients (black & White)
+ Morning city & aurora & bloom
+ Seascape Clubber VJ version
+ Waves Remix (low detail half effect)
+ Varonoi Metrics by Iq (low detail)
+ Color Grid (low detail)
+ Star PSF (low detail)
+ Mountain Path (low detail)
+ Electro (simple)
+ kali-traps d
+ pasql riff 2 (pink moving effect)
+ Quadratic toolkit (low detail)
+ Spiral in one equation
+ Starfield dots II
+ Gas Explosion
+ Surface Mesh Generation (low detail)
+ Chains and Gears
+ abstract by leon (not licensed. black & white)
+ The Ride never ends (low detail)
+ More colerful than average
+ Rainbow twister
+ Johndp blinker (strobe effect)
+ Integer Hash II (noise screen effect)
+ The big path
+ Water (low detail)
+ Llamels (low detail)
+ Voronoi Fractal
+ Just Some Moving Colors (simple)
+ Opera Island}
+ Luminiscent Tiles
+ Positive Energy In Wroclaw
+ Polar snowflakes (simple)
+ Dragon's Gullet
+ Square tunnel (191 chars) (simple B&W)
+ Another Grid of Spheres (low detail)
+ Box intersection (low detail)
+ SDF isolines of metaball-cluster (low detail)
+ Faster Voronoi Edge Distance ( detail 3/4 effect)
+ Meduses (some jellyfish) (low detail)
+ Promethean (not licensed, low detail)
+ Camera obsession #1 (low detail, simple)
+ Snowy
+ firework Show (low detail simple)
+ pulse 2a
+ Dizzy The Egg!
+ Canyon Pass (low detail)
+ Iq Apollonian Fork
+ Polar 3b (225 chars) Rainbow colors
+ Construction set
+ Everyday011-Rush
+ Industrial Tunnel
+ Round Voronoi Borders 2
+ To the road of ribbon (low detail)
+ Abstract tunnel with water (low detail)
+ Psychofract
+ distance X angle (simple svp type)
+ Varonoi water
+ feathers field / overlap tiling (rainbow colors)
+ Apollonian Elevator-247 chars
+ Festive Pentagram
+ dynamic Epsilon Moebius
+ Phoning Home
+ Optical deconstruction 5b
+ swirling color orbs
+ Hex Voxel Scene
+ Interactive caustic (not licensed simple)
+ Voronoi Column Tracing (low detail)
+ machine not learning
+ Merry Xmas 2017
+ Particules 4
+ hypertexture - trabeculum 2 (low detail)
+ Raymarched Reflections
+ Lights In Smoke
+ Raymarched 2d sierpinski
+ Hal4000 (simple)
+ Cellular Lattice
+ Lightweight Lighthouse
+ Voxel City at sunset
+ Rounded Voronoi Blocks
+ Polar 4 (211 chars) (rainbow colors)
+ Twisted Geometry
+ Backlit Lighthouse (low detail)
+ Blue box (simple)
+ Wilhem Kali Röntgen
+ Another IFS
+ 2tweet fluid totally
+ Lensing
+ First Fractal Attempt (Black & White)
+ Loxodrome (low detail)
+ Trippy Waves (spiral)
+ Smooth Voronoi Contours (low detail) (phsycodelic)
+ KIFS Flythrough (low detail)
+ Lighthouse with Ship
+ Dueling Mandelbulbs
+ EiffeBox
+ Spectrum Analyzer (In stripes, take other in the background)
+ 2D Led Spectrum - Visualiser
+ Cloud tunnel attempt
+ Explotion No.12 (low detail)
+ Star Nest VR
+ Holy Grail Quest II
+ Rounded Box - distance 2D (geometric)
+ Congrats Luxo Jr (low detail) (Pixar lamp)
+ Crazy Waves
+ 29/2018

Mensajes Fri 08 Jun 18 @ 9:00 pm

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